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2010-04-02 09:42:22

UH professor captures video of heart before it begins to beat Imagine being able to image life as it happens by capturing video of the embryonic heart before it begins beating. A professor at the University of Houston, in collaboration with scientists at Baylor College of Medicine, is doing just that. Kirill Larin, assistant professor of biomedical engineering in the Cullen College of Engineering at UH, and his colleagues in the Texas Medical Center are documenting the formation of the...

2010-03-31 08:04:48

Award-winning materials expert and UH grad returns with SuperPower, Inc Although the U.S. electric power industry is one of the greatest engineering marvels of the 20th century, aging technology and an increase in demand create problems for the electricity infrastructure that need to be fixed. Venkat Selvamanickam, director of the Applied Research Hub and the M.D. Anderson chair professor of the department of mechanical engineering, University of Houston, is developing a technology with high...

2010-02-24 15:52:07

Scientists at UH publish breakthrough research on 163-year-old puzzle Thanks to a pair of University of Houston researchers who found a possible new solution to a 163-year-old puzzle, ecological factors can now be added to physiology to explain why animals grow bigger in the cold. Their results were published in the February issue of the American Naturalist, offering new insight to Bergmann's rule that animals grow larger at high, cold latitudes than their counterparts closer to the equator....

2010-02-03 15:42:00

Research Superiority Award to Enable Recruitment of Stellar Faculty, Formally Establish Applied Research Hub at Texas Center for Superconductivity (TcSUH-ARH) HOUSTON, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The University of Houston has received a Research Superiority Award from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (ETF), announced today by Gov. Rick Perry on behalf of the ETF board. The University of Houston's Texas Center for Superconductivity (TcSUH) will receive $3.5 million over a five-year...

2009-12-10 15:30:00

The gases which formed the Earth's atmosphere - and probably its oceans - did not come from inside the Earth but from outer space, according to a study by University of Manchester and University of Houston scientists. The report published this week in the prestigious international journal 'Science' means that textbook images of ancient Earth with huge volcanoes spewing gas into the atmosphere will have to be rethought. According to the team, the age-old view that volcanoes were the source of...

2009-11-03 09:39:45

New test less invasive, more comfortable way to diagnose this serious condition A computer scientist from the University of Houston and a doctor of sleep medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston have teamed up to create a new, less invasive method of diagnosing sleep apnea. Their findings appear in the November issue of the journal Sleep. Sleep apnea is serious disorder that causes a person to momentarily stop breathing while they sleep. These pauses in breathing...

2009-09-25 15:13:00

HOUSTON, Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Did You Know? Hepatitis B is the second-leading cause of human cancer after tobacco The virus that causes hepatitis B is 100 times more easily transmitted than the AIDS virus Asian Americans are 20 times more likely to have the disease compared to the overall U.S. population WHAT: On October 13, "B HERE" campaign comes to UH campus - featuring Art Exhibit, Live Performances Students and public health experts have joined forces with cutting-edge...

2009-09-22 05:00:00

NEW YORK, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review announce the results of their seventh annual survey ranking the top graduate and undergraduate entrepreneurship programs in the nation. From the more than 2,300 programs surveyed by The Princeton Review, 25 undergraduate and 25 graduate are ranked. And in an unprecedented event since the ranking began, a single school took the top spots in both categories -- Babson College. Ranking second and third in the...

2009-08-18 08:50:54

The University of Houston says it has received a $3.2 million U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant to study how toxins affect embryonic development. Researchers, in collaboration with the Texas A&M Institute for Genomic Medicine and Indiana University, will explore how chemicals such as arsenic, lead, mercury, benzene and carbon monoxide affect human health. The primary aim of the three-year grant is to contribute to a more reliable chemical risk assessment that will provide clues...

2009-07-28 08:51:27

Much like humans, materials are capable of some pretty remarkable things when they're placed under pressure. In fact, under the right conditions, materials can even produce electricity.Driven by the vision of our society one day being basically self-propelled, a team of University of Houston scientists has set out to both amplify and provoke that potential in materials known as piezoelectrics, which naturally produce electricity when literally subjected to strain. The goal is to use...

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