Latest University of Hull Stories

2012-05-17 10:02:10

Palliative care for cancer patients in the UK is well established – but the situation is starkly different for those suffering from heart failure.

2012-04-12 11:25:48

Biomarkers which could help to predict resistance to chemotherapy in breast cancer patients have been identified by researchers from the University of Hull, UK.

2011-12-01 01:09:55

Scientists at the University of Hull have found that some people have the ability to hallucinate colors at will – even without the help of hypnosis.

2011-09-29 22:49:10

Weeds, which are widely deemed as a nuisance plant, are vital to the existence of many farmland species.

2011-06-06 19:21:17

Researchers from the University of Hull have discovered a way to load up nanoparticles with large numbers of light-sensitive molecules to create a more effective form of photodynamic therapy (PDT) for treating cancer.

2011-04-11 17:03:17

Targeted photodynamic therapy can completely eradicate some models of cancer.

2010-09-07 11:15:00

Using a moving 3D computer model based on the skull and teeth of a New Zealand reptile called tuatara, a BBSRC-funded team from the University of Hull, University College London and the Hull York Medical School has revealed how damage to dental implants and jaw joints may be prevented by sophisticated interplay between our jaws, muscles and brain.

2009-11-23 15:24:50

Scientists have revealed how environmental irritants such as air pollution and cigarette smoke cause people to cough, in research published today in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

2009-11-16 14:41:13

Hypnosis has a "very real" consequence that can be detected on brain scans, University of Hull researchers recently announced.

2008-10-01 00:07:43

A drama studio at the University of Hull is to be named after Anthony Minghella Mr Minghella, one of the English cinema and theatre greats, died in March this year.

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