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2011-02-02 22:26:36

Human influence on the landscape, global warming, sea level rise, ocean acidification and biodiversity are highlighted in a new set of studies led by University of Leicester researchers.How this influence will be reflected in the distinctive geological record forms the basis of the studies published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams from the University of Leicester Department of Geology led the production of the studies into the...

2011-02-02 14:50:50

Study uncovers genetic hierarchy in plant sperm formation Biologists at the University of Leicester have published results of a new study into the intricacies of sex in flowering plants. They have found that a gene in plants, called DUO1, acts as a master switch to ensure twin fertile sperm cells are made in each pollen grain. The research identifies for the first time that DUO1 switches on a battery of genes that together govern sperm cell production and their ability to produce seeds.. The...

2011-01-26 13:45:58

Space science technology used to analyze moon rock is going to be applied to fragments of 16th-century tombs. Scientists from the Space Research Center in Leicester are working with an art historian in a three-year project in the hopes of shedding new light on our understanding of the Tudor Reformation. The tombs are close to the family seat of the Howards, which is the extremely wealthy and powerful Dukes of Norfolk.  However, the tombs were originally sited 40 miles away at Thetford...

2011-01-21 08:10:00

The discovery of an ancient fossil, nicknamed "ËœMrs. T', found with a fossilized egg in a Jurassic rock bed dating back 160 million years, has allowed scientists for the first time to sex pterodactyls. The fossil was found in the Jurassic sedimentary rocks of China's northeastern Liaoning Province and shows a nearly complete skeleton of a heavy-hipped female Darwinopterus and her egg. The find provides scientists with the first direct evidence for gender in these extinct reptilian...

2011-01-10 11:14:50

University of Leicester-led research uncovers potential new approaches for tackling devastating disorder Hope for new ways of treating devastating neurodegenerative disorders such as Huntington's disease has been raised by a trans-Atlantic team of researchers thanks to the use of cutting-edge genetic techniques. Led by the University of Leicester, scientists from the University of Lisbon (led by Dr Tiago Outeiro) and University of California at San Francisco (led by Dr Paul Muchowski)...

2010-12-16 11:28:52

University of Leicester researcher finds photographs of Amazonians brought to London by Roger Casement A University of Leicester researcher has discovered two photographic images, presumed lost, of native Americans brought to Britain by Roger Casement a century ago. Dr Lesley Wylie, Lecturer in Latin American Studies in the School of Modern Languages, University of Leicester, made the discovery during her research for a book on the Putumayo, a border region in the Amazon. Her book forms part...

2010-12-01 21:32:57

New research from the University of Leicester and the Leicestershire Partnership Trust shows that people with mental illness are receiving lower levels of preventive medical screening compared with the general population Dr Alex Mitchell, of the Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine at the University of Leicester, led the study which has been published in the journal General Hospital Psychiatry. Dr Mitchell said preventive screening refers to population based medical tests such...

2010-11-29 11:55:37

Advance in understanding of insulin secretion could impact on diabetes control Medical scientists at the University of Leicester have identified for the first time a new way in which our body controls the levels of sugar in our blood following a meal. They have discovered the part played by a particular protein in helping to maintain correct blood sugar levels. The breakthrough was made in the University of Leicester by a team led by Professor Andrew Tobin, Professor of Cell Biology, who is a...

2010-11-25 21:52:27

Researchers from Leicester and Cambridge lead discovery of genetic markers that identify people at risk of clot formation and heart attack An international team led by researchers from the Universities of Leicester and Cambridge has announced a breakthrough in identifying people at risk of developing potentially fatal blood clots that can lead to heart attack. The discovery, published this week (25 November) in the leading haematology journal Blood, is expected to advance ways of detecting...

2010-11-18 10:55:00

Researchers say that nuclear decay-driven machines could gather gases from the atmosphere of Mars for propulsion. A new design concept outlines an approach to compress CO2 and liquefy it. The liquid would be heated similar to a standard rocket by expanding violently into gas to propel the machines to great distances. The authors suggest this is a better strategy to see more of Mars. Vehicles that are powered by the sun and get around on wheels are limited in their overall range of...

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