Latest University of Leicester Stories

2009-09-22 10:41:35

Major study involves university professor of psychiatry.

2009-09-11 06:45:00

It was 25 years ago today that British scientist Alec Jeffreys discovered that people have so-called "DNA fingerprints” -- exclusive patterns of genetic material that can uniquely identify them.

2009-09-10 10:33:26

New study proves that communication between male and female occurs in our innermost beings.

2009-09-09 10:34:57

Scientists have uncovered a new role played by Vitamin C in protecting the skin.

2009-09-07 07:10:00

As the University of Leicester approaches the 25th anniversary of the discovery of DNA fingerprinting (September 10), Leicester geneticists interested in a particular type of DNA are receiving some help from an unusual band of assistants.

2009-09-03 10:13:02

Results from the first swine-flu vaccine trials taking place in Leicester reveal a strong immune response after just one dose.

2009-09-01 10:48:02

Fears that medical research using tissue such as blood or material from biopsies would be obstructed by the Human Tissue Act 2004 may have been unfounded, a new study from the University of Leicester reveals.

2009-08-27 12:07:49

A University of Leicester-led study may have uncovered the reason why Beta-blockers are less effective at preventing stroke in older people with high blood pressure, when compared to other drugs for high blood pressure.

2009-08-19 10:17:14

A study by researchers at the University of Leicester has revealed new ways to spot whether medical research has hidden biases.

2009-08-13 12:53:40

Medical Research Council (MRC) scientists have made an important advance in understanding the biological processes involved when cells are prompted to die. The work may help scientists to eventually develop new treatments for the many common diseases and conditions which occur when cell death goes wrong.

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