Latest University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Environmental Research Stories

2010-12-02 21:32:46

UMD Study Advises State on Creation of 'Nutrient Trading Market' Financially rewarding farmers for using the best fertilizer management practices can simultaneously benefit water quality and help combat climate change, finds a new study by the University of Maryland's Center for Integrative Environmental Research (CIER). The researchers conclude that setting up a "trading market," where farmers earn financial incentives for investing in eco-friendly techniques, would result in a double...

2010-02-19 14:53:50

UM Researchers Find Classic Indices Inflate Wealth 50 Percent Traditional gauges of economic activity severely overstate the standard of living as experienced on Main Street, say University of Maryland researchers, who have worked with their state officials to apply a more accurate and greener index. Maryland recently became the fourth U.S. state to adopt the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) as a supplement to the traditional state-level economic index, the Gross State Product (GSP). "This is...

2008-07-24 15:00:00

By HERB JACKSON and SCOTT FALLON, STAFF WRITERS Global warming will cause billions of dollars in damage to New Jersey real estate, transportation and tourism, according to a national legislative group - and the state says it is trying to confront the looming crisis. Monitors are being installed in the Meadowlands to track the rise in sea levels. The height of every sand dune from Sandy Hook to Cape May is being mapped to determine which stretches are most vulnerable. Environmental...

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