Latest University of Nottingham Stories

2011-08-02 15:07:33

A revolutionary biodegradable pellet which slowly releases antibiotics into the middle ear could transform the lives of thousands of children who suffer from glue ear.

2011-08-02 15:06:07

A new material that can retain and release heat according to specific temperature requirements could make a significant difference to the cost of heating and cooling buildings, scientists say.

2011-08-02 15:04:43

New research into how the bilingual brain processes two very different languages has revealed that bilinguals' native language directly influences their comprehension of their second language.

2011-06-29 12:45:00

Scientists said on Wednesday that they have discovered the most distant quasar to date, thriving at a time when the Universe was less than 800 million years old.

2011-06-21 12:30:17

Scientists at The University of Nottingham have discovered a molecular mechanism which could bring about the development of new treatments for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) — a chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system.

2011-06-13 14:53:41

Offering Multiple Sclerosis sufferers emotional support through group therapy sessions could improve their quality of life and save the NHS almost £500 per patient.

2011-06-03 14:06:53

A space flight by millions of microscopic worms could help us overcome the numerous threats posed to human health by space travel.

2011-05-18 16:19:06

The genetic 'wiring' that helps a seed to decide on the perfect time to germinate has been revealed by scientists for the first time.

2011-05-04 00:00:28

Leading UK Research Institution Vastly Increases Virtual Machine Density with VKernel vOperations Suiteâ„¢ Andover, MA (PRWEB) May 02, 2011 VKernel, the number one provider of performance and capacity management products for virtualized data centers and cloud environments, announced today that The University of Nottingham, a leading UK research university, has deployed the VKernel vOperations Suite for VMware capacity management.

2011-04-14 15:15:09

A serendipitous discovery by academics at The University of Nottingham has shown that a simple illusion can significantly reduce — and in some cases even temporarily eradicate — arthritic pain in the hand.

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