Latest University of Portsmouth Stories

2009-10-28 05:50:00

British authorities reported that the fossilized skull of a giant sea monster has been discovered off England's Jurassic coast.

2009-06-04 15:10:00

When researchers set out to study the origins of human laughter, some gorillas and chimps were literally tickled to assist.

2009-05-27 10:34:04

Paleontologists reported new evidence that suggests 150 million years ago the diplodocus dinosaur may have held its impressive neck and head higher than originally thought.

2009-04-21 14:38:46

A new study finds that tsunami waves, brought about by the collapse of a volatile volcano in Dominica known as Devil’s Peak, would hit the densely populated coast of neighboring Guadeloupe within minutes.

2009-02-09 09:45:00

In just four years, a University of Portsmouth paleontologist has discovered 48 new species from the age of the dinosaurs, while other scientists took 180 years to identify the same number.

2008-12-04 11:45:00

Scientist have uncovered a new fossil species of flying reptile with the wingspan the size of a family car.

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