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2011-07-07 00:00:29

University teaching hospitals across the globe are relying on Ross Group's Universal Veterinary Information System for electronic medical records. Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) July 06, 2011 Ross Group Inc (RGI) announced final contract award of the Universal Veterinary Information System (UVIS) with the University of Pretoria located in South Africa. "UVIS (Universal Veterinary Information System) is an enterprise level software package that manages all major aspects of hospital and lab...

2011-05-13 04:05:51

Key to new possibilities for renewable bioproducts The key to the survival of forestry in South Africa as well as many new possibilities for renewable bioproducts like biofuels and biopolymers may now be available with the click of a mouse. This follows on a team of international researchers, led by Prof Zander Myburg from the Department of Genetics and the Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) at the University of Pretoria (UP) "“ in collaboration with the US...

2009-07-28 16:05:00

Armored crickets have a strange yet remarkable way of defending themselves from being attacked, squirting out toxic blood from tiny gaps in their body and then throwing up to make themselves unpalatable to predators.While a few other insect species, such as beetles and katydids, actively bleed when attacked, the benefits of such extreme measures were not clear. New research shows the strategy does indeed work in deterring predators such as lizards.  Armored ground crickets (Acanthoplus...

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  • The navel or umbilicus.
  • In Greek archaeology: A central boss, as on a shield, a bowl, etc.
  • A sacred stone in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, believed by the Greeks to mark the 'navel' or exact center-point of the earth.
'Omphalos' comes from the ancient Greek.