Latest University of Queensland Stories

2008-11-17 15:20:00

A scientist at the University of Queensland who developed a vaccine for cervical cancer is working on another inoculation against certain types of skin cancer that could be available in five years time.

2008-10-16 09:50:00

University of Arizona scientists experimenting with some of the coldest gases in the universe have discovered that when atoms in the gas get cold enough, they can spontaneously spin up into what might be described as quantum mechanical twisters or hurricanes.

2008-07-07 18:00:26

XeroCoat, Inc., a pioneering Silicon Valley start-up, today officially announced its entry into the solar energy market. Targeting the solar thermal and solar photovoltaic segments, XeroCoat designs and manufactures a high-performing anti-reflective coating for solar energy systems.

2008-03-20 02:10:00

Mantis shrimp can see the world in a way that had never been observed in any animal before

2008-03-19 11:40:00

University of Queensland researchers will be at the forefront of fighting cancer thanks to a new $3.2 million grant from the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

2008-02-07 11:00:00

Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) scientists have found another important clue to why nerve cells die in neurodegenerative diseases, based on studies of the developing brain.

2008-01-29 09:00:00

The extraordinary results of an in utero stem cell treatment could lead to a new treatment for babies with brittle bones, as well as a range of other disabling conditions, according to a maternal-fetal medicine researcher, now based at The University of Queensland (UQ).

2005-11-23 13:37:34

Teenagers are more likely to develop drinking problems if their mothers are depressed and drink regularly.

2005-11-01 13:25:00

They might prefer to be in front of the TV or Playstation, but Brisbane teenagers are likely to be healthier if they eat meals with mum and dad.

2005-08-16 14:55:00

Overweight children who can shed their puppy fat by age 14 can expect lower blood pressure, according to a University of Queensland study.

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