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Researchers Say Decreased Solar Activity Won’t Offset Global Warning
2012-01-24 14:25:46

According to a study published Monday, the slightly weaker activity of the sun expected in the coming 90 years will not be enough to significantly curb rising global temperatures. The research collaboration between the UK´s Meteorological Office and the University of Reading predicts that the energy output of the sun would decrease marginally throughout the 21 century. Unfortunately, they say, the modest 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit fall in global temperatures that this solar weakening is...

2010-09-16 06:30:00

Climate changes brought on by global warming could lead to less frequent Arctic storms known as polar lows, British scientists said Wednesday. Polar lows form in ice-free high latitudes in the North Atlantic during the winter and can cause havoc on ships and oil rigs. There was an average 36 storms per season during the 20th century, according to climatologists at the University of Reading. That number could fall to between 17 and 23 per season, depending on concentrations of heat-trapping...

2010-04-15 10:10:00

A new study, published Thursday in the journal Environmental Research Letters, may help to explain why the United Kingdom and parts of continental Europe are experiencing cold temperatures during the age of global warming. The reason, according to a team of researchers led by University of Reading space environment physics professor Mike Lockwood, is a newly discovered link between low solar activity and jet streams over the Atlantic Ocean. Lockwood and his partners looked at temperature...

2009-12-14 06:20:00

Researchers say having a glass or two of champagne a day is good for the heart and blood circulation, according to The Guardian Observer. According to University of Reading researchers, the fizz made with black grapes has the potential to reduce strokes and heart disease risk. Dr. Jeremy Spencer of University of Reading said, "We have found that a couple of glasses a day has a beneficial effect on the walls of blood vessels "“ which suggests champagne has the potential to reduce strokes...

2009-11-19 14:41:53

Bird flu viruses would have to make at least two simultaneous genetic mutations before they could be transmitted readily from human to human, according to research published today in PLoS ONE. The authors of the new study, from Imperial College London, the University of Reading and the University of North Carolina, USA, argue that it is very unlikely that two genetic mutations would occur at the same time. Today's new study adds to our understanding of why avian influenza has not yet caused a...

2009-09-21 09:26:56

U.S. and British scientists say they've determined the transition of extinct sea creatures from egg-laying to live-born opened up evolutionary pathways. Scientists at Harvard University and the University of Reading say they also determined the evolution of such live-born young depended crucially on the advent of genes -- rather than incubation temperature -- as the primary determinant of offspring sex. In the study of three lineages of extinct marine reptiles -- mosasaurs, sauropterygians...

2009-09-16 14:04:24

Live birth -- key to much marine life -- depends upon evolution of chromosomal sex determination A new analysis of extinct sea creatures suggests that the transition from egg-laying to live-born young opened up evolutionary pathways that allowed these ancient species to adapt to and thrive in open oceans. The evolutionary sleuthing is described this week in the journal Nature by scientists at Harvard University and the University of Reading who also report that the evolution of live-born...

2009-02-26 12:25:00

Researchers from the University of Reading claim to have identified some of the oldest words in the English language, BBC News reported. "I", "we", "two" and "three" are among the most ancient, dating back tens of thousands of years, they said. A new computer model can now analyze the change rate of words in English and the languages that share a common heritage. It can even predict which words are likely to become extinct - citing "squeeze", "guts", "stick" and "bad" as probable first...

2009-01-21 14:30:00

It has 20 percent of the world's population with 1.4bn people "“ but China's rapid economic and social change has caused its pensioners to feel lonely and alienated, a new study suggests. Although capitalism has brought prosperity and increased political power to China, it has also caused the weakening of a traditional society that had collectivism and strong family ties at its heart. The study by Durham University and the University of Reading, published in Ageing and Society, examined...

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