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renewable energy in spain
2014-09-04 03:00:38

A study by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country has analyzed the electricity market in Spain from 2008 to 2012, the period that saw the maximum penetration of renewable energy.

2012-02-24 18:00:24

The contamination caused by road traffic not only affects the air, it also seeps under the asphalt and harms the adjacent soil and plants.

2012-01-12 20:50:27

The School of Engineers in Eibar (UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country) was where Patxi Alkorta, a local professor, defended his thesis, following his research into advanced motor control devices.

2011-12-12 16:45:48

Teskal (www.teskal.com) is a computing application designed to relieve ‘the loneliness of the sportsperson’.

2011-09-28 12:53:15

There are no journalists specialized in immigration, neither is there any specific training to this end, nor any thought given to how the media influence public opinion in this matter.

2011-08-25 12:11:13

Waste is a term that has taken on new significance – a paradigm of the evolution that has taken place in this matter.

2011-04-27 14:02:28

Today there is an extensive heritage of reinforced concrete buildings in the Basque Country, which hardly existed a century ago.

2011-04-19 13:51:48

It is not that adolescent students should stop using the television or Internet, but that they should learn how to use them.

2011-04-12 14:12:11

Frequently the only biological material available to identify persons or find next of kin is DNA in a very degraded state.

2011-02-02 15:21:29

Estuaries are highly appropriate systems for evaluating contamination.

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