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2009-09-02 08:23:20

In a commentary "The Boundless Carbon Cycle", published in the September issue of "Nature Geoscience", scientists from the University of Vienna, Uppsala University in Sweden, University of Antwerp, and the U.S. based StroudTM Water Research Center argue that current international strategies to mitigate manmade carbon emissions and address climate change have overlooked a critical player

2009-07-30 19:00:00

Nine-year-old children can and should learn how to perform CPR, a study of 147 Austrian schoolchildren indicates. After a four-month study of children who received six hours of life-support training, Fritz Sterz of the Medical University of Vienna found 86 percent performed CPR correctly, the university said in a news release Thursday. The usefulness of CPR training in schools has been questioned since young students may not have the physical and cognitive skills needed to perform such...

2008-12-08 15:05:00

Researchers at the University of Vienna, Austria, suggest that dogs have a sense of fairness and jealousy.

2008-12-01 14:15:00

Microorganisms in rivers and streams play a crucial role in the global carbon cycle that has not previously been considered.

2008-08-21 15:10:00

Scientists say dogs are becoming increasingly more intelligent and are even learning morals from living in close contact with humans.

2008-06-02 15:29:29

In the first large study to affirm wider cancer-fighting applications for Zometa and other bone-building drugs called bisphosphonates, new research has found that Zometa, a bone loss prevention drug used by women undergoing breast cancer treatment, substantially reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence.

2004-12-01 08:31:27

Two hundred and fifty million years ago, ninety percent of marine species disappeared and life on land suffered greatly during the world's largest mass extinction. The cause of this great dying has baffled scientists for decades, and recent speculations invoke asteroid impacts as a kill mechanism.

2004-11-25 03:00:18

Aim. Imaging with radiolabelled vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) has been developed for the localisation and diagnosis of a variety of human solid tumors including gastrointestinal tumors. Methods.

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