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2011-04-21 06:00:00

Scientists have developed a method of genetically manipulating large populations of mosquitoes, which could one day be used to significantly reduce the spread of the deadly malaria parasite to humans. The researchers found that after making specific genetic changes to a few mosquitoes, and then letting them breed, these genetic alterations could be spread through large mosquito populations in just a few generations. The system, known as a gene drive mechanism, was published online Wednesday...

2009-05-22 16:05:00

Experts say climate change appears to be a major cause of the disappearance of the oldest and largest trees within California's world famous Yosemite National Park, BBC News reported. An analysis of data collected over 60 years by forest ecologists has raised cause for concern over the majestic trees. Some fear that even more large trees may be dying off elsewhere, considering the current decline is happening within one of most protected forests within the US. Data collected on tree growth...

2009-02-04 14:30:00

A new report has found that institutions of informal learning, such as zoos, can be useful in triggering a passion for science in young children. Even as President Barack Obama has vowed to "restore science to its rightful place," some states are facing decisions that could result in large budget cuts for public zoos and other useful institutions of education. The report, published in the National Academy of Sciences, found that informal learning -- such as at zoos or just while fishing or...

2008-03-24 14:15:00

Scientists succeed in designing artificial enzymes that also undergo 'evolution in a test tube'Mankind triumphed in a recent 'competition' against nature when scientists succeeded in creating a new type of enzyme for a reaction for which no naturally occurring enzyme has evolved. This achievement opens the door to the development of a variety of potential applications in medicine and industry. Enzymes are, without a doubt, a valuable model for understanding the intricate works of nature....

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