Latest University of Washington Stories

2013-10-31 23:00:44

Four small but crucial tools were involved in the $280 million dollar renovation of Husky Stadium for the University of Washington Football team; four OxBlue construction cameras – three static

2013-10-31 11:23:42

Physicians' disclosure of errors has been studied more in the past decade than ever before, spurring rationales and guidelines for acknowledging one's own mistakes with patients.

Kinect Technology Helps The Blind Learn Yoga
2013-10-18 04:40:26

A new software program that watches a user's movements and gives verbal feedback on what to change to accurately complete a yoga pose has been developed by a team of University of Washington computer scientists.

2013-10-15 23:26:20

The CDC actively discourage doctors from ordering routine herpes tests despite the University of Washington study proving 80% of those afflicted with herpes don't know it.

2013-10-15 21:04:49

Scientists at the University of Washington have used genetic engineering to identify a population of neurons that tell the brain to shut off appetite.

New Strategy Allows Cochlear Implant Users To Hear Music
2013-10-09 15:44:25

For many, music is a universal language that unites people when words cannot. But for those who use cochlear implants – technology that allows deaf and hard of hearing people to comprehend speech – hearing music remains extremely challenging.

Programming Language For DNA Could Herald In New Medical Breakthroughs
2013-09-30 14:55:18

A team of researchers led by the University of Washington is devising a programming language for DNA – opening the door to the creation of biochemical functions that could deliver drugs or detect disease within a cell.

Researchers Identify Ray Species Used For Their Filters In Asian Medical Trade
2013-09-20 10:02:32

A newly published study led by researchers at the University of Washington has identified the anatomical differences between the different filters of various marine rays. Study researchers said their findings could be used to assess the species of ray filters being sold in Asian apothecary shops and to create new and improved manufacturing filters.

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