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Amazon Helicopter Drone
2013-12-02 09:47:56

Internet retailer Amazon.com is currently testing miniature helicopter drones to deliver its goods to Amazon Prime members in 30 minutes or less.

2013-12-01 23:02:46

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2013-11-27 23:04:39

Buytablet2day.com announces a review on the Kindle Fire HD and the special holiday deals.

Amazon May Be Prepping For A New, High-Resolution Kindle Paperwhite
2013-11-25 04:02:50

Shortly after recently releasing the latest model of their popular Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, Amazon is reportedly prepping a high-resolution version of the device for release in the second quarter of 2014.

2013-11-24 23:02:46

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2013-11-16 23:00:33

Arbor Books has joined the Amazon Kindle Singles revolution by offering ghostwriting services for shorter-length, less-expensive books—with the same high level of quality Arbor writers have

2013-11-05 23:03:42

Check out the Amazon Kindle Black Friday 2013 deals.

2013-10-29 23:32:41

UR Approved delivers plenty of Long Island used cars to its customers and now offers its “Easy as 1-2-3” program to make it simple to take home the model they want. Massapequa

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Geologic Clock With Events And Periods
2012-10-22 14:17:38

The Archean (formerly Archaeozoic) is a geologic eon between the Hadean and Proterozoic eons. The Archean Eon begins at roughly 3.8 billion years ago (Ga) and ends at about 2.5 Ga. But unlike all other geological ages, which are based on stratigraphy, The Archean eon is defined chronometrically. The lower boundary of 3.8 Ga has also not been officially recognized by the International Commission on Stratigraphy. The name Archean is derived from the ancient Greek (Arkhe), meaning...

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