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Driverless Cars American Urban Future
2013-07-08 15:17:22

Driverless seem an inevitable feature of America's future. This weekend, two prominent writers from Forbes and the New York Times faced off over what exactly this will mean for US cities and citizens.

2013-04-15 13:16:14

Long commute times and urban areas that leapfrog over open space make it harder for people to socialize, but cities that are decentralized are even worse.

2012-11-19 12:55:49

Australian cities can keep their native wildlife – but only if they can kick their habit of urban sprawl.

2008-08-19 03:00:23

By Roof, Karen Sutherland, Susan Introduction In 2004, Delaware County, Ohio, was the fastest growing county in Ohio and the eleventh fastest growing county in the nation.

2008-07-15 03:00:21

Calls for new livable, "walkable" communities and work force housing Elise Swanson, (310) 241-0699 Bisno Development Company LLC announced today that it has launched five blogs to provide the public with easy access to information on how Bisno projects support the rapidly growing "Smart Growth" movement.

2008-07-11 18:00:11

By Bob Jordan, Asbury Park Press, N.J. Jul. 10--Planners and environmentalists have long tried to rein in housing developments to save open land, but U.S. Census figures released Wednesday show that suburban sprawl continues its stretch across New Jersey.

2008-03-13 17:12:30

You may want to buy healthy food for your family, but if the good grocery stores are far away and pricey and the fast-food outlets are cheap and plentiful, it may be harder to make the healthy choice.

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