Latest US Justice Department Stories

2011-01-10 07:49:06

The North Atlantic nation of Iceland has formally asked the American Ambassador to Iceland, Luis E Arreaga, to answer questions as to why US investigators are attempting to access the private details of the online activity of an Icelandic lawmaker.

2010-12-16 06:35:00

BP and eight other companies have had lawsuits brought against them for the first time by the United States for billions of dollars in damages from the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which has been labeled the worst oil disaster in US history.

2010-12-08 07:10:00

Three pharmaceutical companies charged with reporting inflated drug prices to the US government have agreed to pay 421 million dollars in fines, according to officials on Tuesday.

2009-05-28 14:30:52

Sanofi-Aventis announced on Thursday that it would pay $95.5 million in a civil settlement with the US Department of Justice and the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts for overcharging federal and local health agencies for medications.

2009-05-19 14:43:40

The US Justice Department announced on Monday that it would work alongside 16 states in two whistleblower lawsuits against Madison, NJ-based drugmaker Wyeth.

2008-09-10 09:00:06

By Stephen Foley Yahoo's life-saving advertising alliance with Google could be under threat, after it emerged that the US Justice Department has hired a top competition lawyer to advise on a potential litigation to stop the deal.

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