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2012-06-13 10:17:27

South American vampire bats continue to spread the rabies virus to both livestock and humans despite widespread culling of the flying bloodsuckers.

Vampire Skeletons Unearthed, Still Dead
2012-06-06 09:30:57

What do you do when a suspected Vampire is living in your neighborhood? You and a hoard of your closest friends mercilessly hunt him down and drive long iron rods through his chest.

2012-05-09 14:34:48

Danish teenagers are not looking for answers to life's big questions in established religious institutions.

2011-08-12 11:15:00

A migrant farm worker from Mexico became the first person in the United States to ever die from a vampire bat bite, according to US health authorities.

2011-08-09 10:35:00

HOUSTON, Aug. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- VerveStar | PR | Publicity | Film | Publishing has contracted new client RD Mayor, author and former restaurateur into a book and film development deal on his next book, a new kind of vampire trilogy titled Children of the Sun.

2011-08-04 05:50:00

Researchers have discovered the genetic pathway that allows vampire bats to identify the "hot spots" in their prey that are most likely to contain ample amounts of blood.

2011-04-22 07:25:00

LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Vampire/Romance screenplay entitled "The Romanian Tomb," by Erik von Wodtke, wins the "Famous Monsters of Filmland screenplay competition." The genre prestige organization announced this year's winners April 15th, with gratitude for the large spirited support and interest from the public: "Thank you to all our guests and filmmakers that helped make the first Imagi-Movies Film Festival a success." Famous Monsters of Filmland is one of today's...

Latest Vampire Reference Libraries

2014-01-20 10:15:00

The aswang is a creature from Philippine folklore and is featured in many myths and stories of that culture. Other names for the aswang are, tik-tik, wak-wak, bal-bal, and sok-sok. It was also the most feared of the mythical creatures dating back to the sixteenth century. The aswang is described as a combination of a vampire and a werewolf with bloodshot eyes. However, no definite characteristic can be established with the variety of stories and descriptions reported, but there are some...

Common Vampire Bat, Desmodus rotundus
2012-05-01 13:57:30

The common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus) is endemic, or native, to the Americas. It is actually a leaf nosed bat, although it is one of only three parasitic mammals. It can be found in South America, Central America, and in parts of Mexico. In southern Brazil, it is the most common type of bat. The common vampire bat has a southern range including Chile, Uruguay, and northern Argentina. Preferring humid, warm climates, this vampire bat only resides on Trinidad in the West Indies. This bat...

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