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2011-01-25 12:35:54

Rural life and competitions amongst reapers of grass and cereals have developed in a parallel manner.

2010-10-29 09:56:00

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- This Halloween, as people watch horror films--from the earliest films to modern remakes--viewers will be frightened by a sense of vulnerability, says Wake Forest University communication professor Mary Dalton.

2010-08-16 10:50:00

Four children died and hundreds of people are being treated for rabies after being attacked by vampire bats in Peru.

2010-07-14 06:45:00

LAKE PARK, Iowa, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Fans of Twilight: Throw out everything you think you know about vampires.

2010-06-23 18:00:00

PROVO, Utah, June 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Royalty and vampires may sound like characters from the Twilight Saga - but they're actually what you find once you bite into Robert Pattinson's past.

2010-06-09 06:45:00

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- On New Year's Day in the year 1000, a young widow is suddenly plunged into the vampire underworld.

2010-05-11 04:30:00

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y., May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Monsters have long haunted children's dreams, and battling them has been the stuff of myth and legend for centuries.

2010-05-05 06:35:00

EDMONTON, Alberta, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- In her thrilling new fantasy novel "Destiny Love" (published by Trafford Publishing), emerging author Heather Citulsky tells the captivating story of a cursed, 500-year-old, half-breed vampire and the chilling fear he suffers when he falls for an average mortal woman in her late twenties, suddenly wondering if she could truly be his destined love.

2010-04-15 04:30:00

PENNINGTON, N.J., April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Special-interest cruises, known as theme cruises, are the ideal way to get up-close and personal with your favorite celebs, or enjoy leisurely vacations at sea while pursuing interests in everything from Harley-Davidson motorcycles, to "Twilight." Even musicians, soap stars, sports legends, celebrity chefs and politicians are hosting theme cruises.

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2014-01-20 10:15:00

The aswang is a creature from Philippine folklore and is featured in many myths and stories of that culture. Other names for the aswang are, tik-tik, wak-wak, bal-bal, and sok-sok. It was also the most feared of the mythical creatures dating back to the sixteenth century. The aswang is described as a combination of a vampire and a werewolf with bloodshot eyes. However, no definite characteristic can be established with the variety of stories and descriptions reported, but there are some...

Common Vampire Bat, Desmodus rotundus
2012-05-01 13:57:30

The common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus) is endemic, or native, to the Americas. It is actually a leaf nosed bat, although it is one of only three parasitic mammals. It can be found in South America, Central America, and in parts of Mexico. In southern Brazil, it is the most common type of bat. The common vampire bat has a southern range including Chile, Uruguay, and northern Argentina. Preferring humid, warm climates, this vampire bat only resides on Trinidad in the West Indies. This bat...

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