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Changing Surface Textures In 'Counterintuitive Manner' May Lead To Cooling Efficiency Gains
2013-11-12 14:52:59

Uncovering the physical secrets underlying surface phenomena may increase cooling efficiency for a wide range of applications, according to MIT and Boston University researchers

New Class Of Hydrophobic Ceramics From Rare Earth Elements
2013-01-22 05:13:50

A research team from MIT has now come up with a new class of hydrophobic ceramics that are durable in the face of rough treatment and extreme temperatures.

2011-01-22 08:49:48

A water hammer can occur when a valve is suddenly opened or closed in a pipe carrying water or steam, causing a pressure wave to travel down the pipe with enough force that it can sometimes cause the pipes to burst.

2008-07-05 00:00:23

BANGALORE: As they did not want another child after two daughters, 33-year-old Lakshmi Bai and her husband Babu decided to go in for family planning. The woman came to BBMP's Srirampura referral hospital for a tubectomy operation.

2006-04-05 05:07:56

LUCKNOW, India (Reuters) - Indian police have arrested six Islamic militants, including a cleric who helped plan bomb blasts in the Hindu holy city of Varanasi last month which left 18 people dead and dozens wounded.

2006-03-09 07:23:19

By Sharat Pradhan VARANASI, India (Reuters) - Indian police released sketches on Thursday of two men wanted in connection with bomb blasts that killed 15 people in one of Hinduism's holiest cities, an attack claimed by Kashmiri separatists.

2006-03-09 03:00:31

By Sharat Pradhan VARANASI, India (Reuters) - The northern Indian city of Varanasi showcased its standing as one of the country's most vibrant pilgrimage centers on Thursday, two days after bomb blasts killed 15 people and triggered protests.

2006-03-08 06:39:04

By Sharat Pradhan VARANASI, India (Reuters) - India's ancient holy city of Varanasi shut down on Wednesday in a protest against bomb blasts in a Hindu temple and a railway station which killed 15 people, but there was no sectarian backlash.

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