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2013-07-18 23:20:36

Despite many false claims that fruit can “make you fat,” nutritionists continue to defend the nutritional quality of this diverse food group. Thomas Hoey comments on the ongoing misguided reputation that continues to impact the produce industry. Brooklyn, New York (PRWEB) July 18, 2013 While the “green movement” and other fresh food trends have gained the attention of many Americans in recent years, produce industry maven Thomas Hoey notes that many continue to hold a negative...

2013-07-17 23:03:41

A recent study helps provide additional evidence as to why it is important for individuals to maintain a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables—they may prevent early death. Fruit industry professional Thomas Hoey Jr. discusses this important find. Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) July 17, 2013 As the owner of Long Island Banana Corp., Thomas Hoey Jr. is committed to encouraging individuals to consumer more produce—not just to boost business, but to help promote health as well. While the health...

2013-07-12 23:25:09

Florida Dairy Farmers offers some tips for you to hit the road with healthy snack-packing. Orlando, FL (PRWEB) July 11, 2013 The hustle and bustle of summertime travel can be chaotic, with families often placing healthy eating practices on the back burner. Whether it’s a day trip to enjoy a regional destination, or an extended vacation, it’s important to maintain a healthy eating regimen when hitting the road. If your family is still on-the-go this summer, Florida Dairy Farmers offers...

Kids More Inclined To Eat Veggies When Dip Is Included
2013-07-09 13:05:16

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online It's been well documented before that vegetables are good for adults and children alike. The low calories, fiber and nutrients found in these natural foods are not only critical to a healthy lifestyle, they're also a major factor in reducing obesity. As any parent can attest, however, the difficulty is getting children to try new foods, especially if the parents aren't keen on eating these foods themselves. A new study from Penn...

2013-07-02 23:19:36

In response to an article published on The Washington Post, Colle Farmers Market, the first national online organic farmers market, discusses a new study showing that vegetables are responsive to light levels even after they have been picked. Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) July 02, 2013 On July 2, Colle Farmers Market, the first national online organic farmers market, discusses the results of a new study showing that vegetables are able to respond to light levels even after they have been picked....

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Leaf vegetables
2013-08-21 09:03:22

Leaf vegetables are leaves from various plants that are edible with some leaves having tender shoots, such as beet greens, attached. Leaf vegetables are very high in nutrition and may be used in various culinary dishes. While there are over a thousand species of leaf vegetables, they generally come from plants that are short-lived such as lettuce and spinach. Leaf vegetables are high in vitamin K which is caused from the photosynthesis that takes place during the growing phase. Anyone on...

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