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2009-07-08 18:38:17

Canadian health agencies want consumers to realize microorganisms on fresh produce could make them sick. Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Ottawa say fresh fruits and vegetables do not naturally contain illness-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites or viruses. However, fresh produce can become contaminated while in the field or through improper handling, storage or transportation during or after harvest. A diet rich in good-for-you food such as a variety of...

2009-07-04 14:52:35

The head of a Japanese expedition in the Antarctic says so-called Green Room growth techniques have proved invaluable to the researchers. Expedition leader Shuki Ushio said the Japanese agricultural breakthrough that uses fluorescent lights to grow vegetables indoors has allowed expedition members to eat more than simple freeze-dried food products, Kyodo News reported Saturday. I didn't think we could eat fresh crispy vegetables, Ushio said. I was very impressed. Mirai Co. President Shigeharu...

2009-07-03 16:09:13

A U.S. nutrition expert suggests grilling some vegetables and fruits for Fourth of July family barbecues. Dietitian Vicki Piper of The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston encourages those doing cookouts to grill plenty of fruits and vegetables -- and less meat. Diets high in plant foods can lower the chances of developing several cancers, including breast and colon cancers, Piper says. You can still have a barbecue without letting your health go up in flames, Piper...

2009-07-01 06:11:45

Strangely shaped fruits and vegetables, such as bendy cucumbers and knobbly carrots, will be allowed back into European supermarkets on July 1. On Tuesday, EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel stated that the regulations on the shape of produce were an example of "unnecessary red tape." "We don't need to regulate this sort of thing at EU level. It is far better to leave it to market operators. July 1 marks the return to our shelves of the curved cucumber and the knobbly carrot,"...

2009-06-23 22:19:00

FRESNO, Calif., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Western Pistachio Association (WPA) provides the following information related to a June 22 press release by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding recalled pistachios distributed by Orca Distribution West, Inc. of Anaheim, Calif., due to possible Salmonella contamination. This is not a new recall. Rather, it is an announcement due to a company that apparently did not comply with the FDA's original recall requirements. Pistachio...

2009-06-16 07:00:00

Soy Remains a Favorite Ingredient for Families Seeking Affordable Meals ST. LOUIS, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Almost half (46 percent) of Americans are reluctant to spend more on healthier versions of food, the United Soybean Board's (USB) 2009 Consumer Attitudes about Nutrition survey reveals. This is not for lack of interest: Of those not willing to spend more, 52 percent confirm the reason is financial. However, nutritious foods don't always come with a hefty price tag. Nutrient-dense...

2009-05-29 11:41:00

New mushrooms offer 100 percent of recommended daily Vitamin D intake in 3-ounce servings MONTEREY, Calif., May 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Through a truly collaborative research effort with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Monterey Mushrooms, Inc. has been successful in replicating what happens in nature when mushrooms are exposed to light. Mushrooms respond to light the same way humans do, by converting the sun rays into Vitamin D. By exposing mushrooms to ultra violet light,...

2009-05-04 16:50:08

The 15-year-old daughter of Montel Williams is featured in a television ad urging that vegetarian options be offered in U.S. public schools. In the TV commercial, Wyntergrace Williams urges Congress to amend the Child Nutrition Act to include meatless meals. Some of us don't eat right, Wyntergrace says in the commercial. Fast food, junk food -- sometimes, even our school lunches have too much fat and cholesterol. More than 80 of Americans believe that vegetarian meals should be available in...

2009-04-30 15:54:39

A new study finds that simply thinking of a healthy food can satisfy our good intentions of eating well, ironically making it easier to eat less healthier foods. Researchers at Duke University found that people were significantly more likely to choose the least-healthy option on a menu when the menu included a single healthy option, such as a fruit or a veggie burger. "Because the healthy option is there, it somehow satisfies this healthy eating goal in them and then they felt liberated to...

2009-04-21 08:15:00

Cashew Shell-Powered Manufacturing, Organically Produced Fruit Reflect Company's Commitment; Loyal Customers Appreciate Products They Can Feel Good About FISHERS, Ind., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- When people think of snacks, the first word that comes to mind isn't usually "responsible". But Funky Monkey(TM) Snacks is proving that snacking can be not only nutritious and fun, but also respectful to the environment. Since the debut of its all-natural, freeze-dried snacks nearly two years ago,...

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2012-04-03 15:24:52

Discosoma (or Actinodiscus) is a genus of soft mushroom coral native to the Indian Ocean. This genus is sometimes incorrectly referred to as mushroom anemone or disc anemone. This coral is commonly collected and used worldwide in marine aquariums, where it is known to grow easily. There are 5 known species of mushroom coral: Actinodiscus dawydoffi, Actinodiscus fungiformis, Discosoma nummiforme, Actinodiscus rubraoris, and Actinodiscus unguja.

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