Latest Vegetation Stories

2009-09-05 12:16:23

A team of scientists has analyzed 29 esparto fields from Guadalajara to Murcia and has concluded that perennial vegetation cover is an efficient early warning system against desertification in these ecosystems.

2009-07-30 09:50:00

An international research team has developed a mathematical and cartographical model that make it possible to view how Mediterranean landscapes evolve in the aftermath of forest fires.

2009-06-11 13:55:00

At times in the distant past, an abrupt change in climate has been associated with a shift of seasonal monsoons to the south, a new study concludes, causing more rain to fall over the oceans than in the Earth's tropical regions, and leading to a dramatic drop in global vegetation growth.

2009-05-05 16:33:31


2009-04-22 15:02:22

Many scientists say climate change might increase wildfires around the world, but a new U.S.

2009-04-21 14:25:34

Paleoecological data reveal strong influence of vegetation changes on wildfire frequency.

2009-04-08 08:43:49

Climate change will bring about major shifts in worldwide fire patterns, and those changes are coming fast, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, in collaboration with scientists at Texas Tech University.

2009-03-24 09:30:41

Conserving Australia's most endangered snake might mean lighting more bush fires, ecologists have proposed.

2009-02-11 07:54:07

A UA-led research team has found that as the climate warms, plants are flowering at higher elevations in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

2009-01-29 09:59:36

A team of Czech, Spanish and British scientists has produced the first map to outline the level of alien plant invasions across the European Union. The researchers said biological invasions are one of the major threats to biodiversity and also affect the economy and human health.

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