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2014-02-17 23:23:12

New study funded by RSRI in partnership with the Hydrocephalus Association will look at the role which brain compliance plays in pediatric hydrocephalus, a condition that is the leading cause

2011-09-07 19:55:41

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have found what may be a major cause of congenital hydrocephalus, one of the most common neurological disorders of childhood that produces mental debilitation and sometimes death in premature and newborn children.

2010-04-29 08:58:10

A post-mortem study of the hearts of 21 young people in Mexico City has found that the heart begins to show the adverse effects of air pollution at a young age and that tiny bits of inactivated bacteria that hitch a ride on pollutants may make the problem worse.

2010-03-08 08:25:00

A pioneering technique, a world first in Bristol, has been shown to reduce disability in premature babies with serious brain haemorrhage by washing the brain to remove toxic fluid.

2008-07-14 09:01:11

Merge Healthcare Incorporated (NASDAQ:MRGE)(TSX:MRG) (the "Company"), announced today that its OEM Division's software was used in a new study for Alzheimer's as more fully described below, in the press release issued from the Robarts Research Institute at the University of Western Ontario.