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Stem Cell Windpipe Transplant Recipient Doing Well
2012-07-27 07:11:24

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Stem cell research has made yet another stride, as one boy who received a trachea is showing a remarkable recovery. Researchers writing in the journal The Lancet said the child who received a new windpipe built with his own stem cells is doing well and is back in school. Ciaran Finn-Lynch was born with long-segment tracheal stenosis, which causes breathing difficulties. Due to his condition, his lungs collapsed on the day he was...

2011-12-01 07:33:35

(Ivanhoe Newswire) — The world´s first artificial trachea transplant seeded with stem cells proved to be a success after being done on Andemariam Teklesenbet Beyene at the Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. Beyene had a tracheal tumor that extended to the lowest 5cm of the trachea along with both bronchi meaning that surgical removal of the tumor alone would not keep the patient alive. The removed section was essential for life and therefore had to be replaced....

2011-10-04 18:05:14

MU veterinarians offer innovative treatment for tracheal collapse Jack, a 12-year-old Yorkshire terrier, was lethargic and gasping for air when he arrived at the University of Missouri Veterinary Hospital. His tongue and gums were a bluish-purple. But, just one day following an innovative procedure, Jack bounced back to his former youthful exuberance. Jack was suffering from tracheal collapse. Tracheal collapse occurs when the cartilage comprising the c-shaped rings of the trachea...

2011-07-08 07:20:00

The first ever fully synthetic organ transplant has been performed by surgeons at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. Andemariam Teklesenbet Beyene, a 36-year-old male patient suffering from tracheal cancer received a lab-made windpipe that was grown from his own stem cells that did not use human donor tissue, scientists say.CNN reports that tracheal cancers are extremely rare, with less than 1% of all cancers.The new technique used by scientists does not need a donor;...

2011-01-28 13:10:24

Using a novel surgical approach, it's possible to rebuild the trachea and preserve a patient's voice after removing an invasive throat tumor, according to a new report from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. This case study is the first of its kind to not only document a successful technique to create a fully functional trachea, or windpipe, but also report a rare type of malignant tumor in an adult's trachea. Most commonly, this type of tumor is seen in newborns and very rarely occurs in the...

2010-03-21 07:10:00

British Italian doctors said they have carried out groundbreaking surgery to help rebuild the windpipe of a 10-year-old boy by using stem cells developed from his own body. Doctors at London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital implanted the boy with a donor trachea that had been stripped of its cells and injected with his own.  The operation took place last week and lasted nearly nine hours. Doctors expect the boy's bone marrow stem cells to begin transforming themselves over the...

2008-11-19 12:20:00

An international research team reported on Wednesday that doctors have given a Colombian woman a new windpipe with tissue grown from her own stem cells. The donor organ was tailor-made with her own stem cells in laboratories across Europe to prevent her body from rejecting it. "This technique has great promise," said Dr. Eric Genden, who did a similar transplant in 2005 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Genden said if the transplant remains successful the procedure could become a new...

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2013-01-18 11:28:50

The trachea, commonly called the windpipe, is the air passage-way from the mouth to the lungs. Non-fish vertebrae all have a trachea. The moist with mucus walls of the tube-like structure trap inhaled particles to keep them from entering the lungs. Structure The trachea is an open-ended cylindrical structure that starts at the larynx and ends at the bifurcation. It is about one inch in diameter and can run four to six inches in length. Within the pipe there are anywhere from 15 to 20...

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