Latest Vertebroplasty Stories

2009-08-11 16:13:00

Dr. Mubin Syed evaluates findings; calls for additional research DAYTON, Ohio, Aug.

2009-08-07 12:32:00

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Two studies released August 6, 2009 in the New England Journal of Medicine claim to demonstrate that vertebroplasty, a procedure to treat some painful spine fractures, is not effective.

2009-08-06 12:30:00

Medical cement is commonly used to treat cracks in the spines of elderly people, however a study of the procedure revealed that the people undergoing the treatment had no better results than those receiving a fake treatment.

2009-08-06 11:40:50

Researchers say two recent U.S.

2009-08-06 08:20:36

A new study led by Mayo Clinic researchers has found that relief of pain from vertebral compression fractures, as well as improvement in pain-related dysfunction

2009-07-22 09:13:28

Vesselplasty, a new minimally invasive procedure, increases mobility and reduces pain and the need for pain killers in patients with vertebral compression fractures (VCFs), according to a study performed at the Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset,

2009-05-22 09:54:13

Hyperkyphosis, or "dowager's hump" — the exaggerated forward curvature of the upper spine seen commonly in elderly women — may predict earlier death in women whether or not they have vertebral osteoporosis, UCLA researchers have found.

2009-03-12 13:20:38

New research suggests a minimally invasive procedure called osteoplasty provides immediate and substantial pain relief to cancer patients who are suffering from metastatic bone disease and have no other pain relief options.

2009-03-09 08:00:00

"Miraculous" Effects, Pain Relief of Osteoplasty -- an Interventional Radiology Treatment -- Detailed for Those Suffering From Cancer Spread SAN DIEGO, March 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Osteoplasty -- a highly effective minimally invasive procedure to treat the painful effects of metastatic bone disease by injecting bone cement to support weakened bones -- provides immediate and substantial pain relief, often presenting individuals who are suffering terribly with the miraculous so-called...

2009-02-25 22:49:25

Patients with balloon kyphoplasty showed more improvement in back function and back pain compared with those with non-surgical care, Scottish researchers say.

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