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Weather Education Episode #9:  Basic Formation of a Thunderstorm
2012-04-25 03:00:07

In this lesson, we are going to look at how a thunderstorm is created from the ground up.

2010-07-31 07:23:35

Gray Creech of NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center can remember August 2, 1985, as if it was yesterday.

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2012-05-21 08:09:58

So what makes a super cell thunderstorm so special? It is the way that they are made and what it takes for them occur. It takes three types of air coming together to form these monster cells. The first is the warm moist air rising in from the Gulf of Mexico. Second is the drier air moving in from the desert southwest and the third is the cold air coming in from the Rockies. When all three of these air masses collide we see the increasing chance of a super cell thunderstorm to develop. The...

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