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2014-03-27 23:30:48

Norway Gardens is committed to helping their customers find success in their gardening endeavors. Following are great tips for controlling weeds in your lawn and landscape. Monticello Indiana (PRWEB) March 27, 2014 This week temperatures in our area are fluctuating from highs in the lower sixties to highs in the upper twenties. Welcome to early Spring in north central Indiana! This time of year we are all eager to be able to get outside and begin our spring clean up chores. One question...

Our Fear Of Others Is Greater When We’re Alone
2013-04-24 10:01:40

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online The perceptions of individuals or communities can shift based on context, and a new study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science shows that people see threats as more imminent when they are alone compared to when they are with a group. According to two Michigan State University researchers, the visual bias of a perceived threat can change with respect to social context. “Having one´s group or posse...

Botanists Answer Mystery Of Glowing Buttercups
2011-12-15 09:41:34

As a child, did you ever shine a buttercup flower under your chin and witness a yellow glow to test whether you or your friends like butter? Well scientists have taken a closer look to better understand how this works and discovered the distinctive glossiness of the buttercup flower is related to its unique anatomical structure, according to a study published in the Royal Society journal Interface. The bright and glossy appearance of the buttercup petals is the result of the interplay...

2011-02-24 11:20:00

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The company that has been the world-wide leader in developing new and more colorful blooming versions of the African violet announced today the introduction of a new African violet for the floral market that doesn't bloom at all. (Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20110224/CL54113 ) Reinhold Holtkamp, Vice President of Optimara, said that this new variety, called the NeverFloris, is an African violet that was created by the company...

2010-09-25 01:07:32

Contrary to a thousand face cream adverts, the secret of fertility might not be eternal youth. Research by the ecologist Dr. Carlos Herrera, a Professor of Research at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas in Seville, Spain has shown that the withering action of flowers may have evolved to protect their seeds. His research is published in the October 2010 issue of the Annals of Botany (http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/aob/mcq160). Prof. Herrera said: "No one has paid...

2009-11-19 10:00:00

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Optimara has launched the first-ever website for African Violet growers, providing a spectrum of online help, growing information and species identification to enhance their enjoyment of this popular plant, according to Reinhold Holtkamp, head of Optimara and Holtkamp Greenhouses. (Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20091119/CL14380) The new site - myViolet.com - uses special technology to enable the new grower, the enthusiast and...

2009-11-04 07:58:48

Plant quality and size affected by touching, body lotion African violets have a mixed reputation. Their delicate, colorful flowers and furry, soft leaves make them a favorite among home gardeners and growers. But the striking plants are often regarded as temperamental: a precise recipe of light, moisture, warm temperatures, high humidity, and fertilizer is required to encourage African violets to grow and flower. A recently published study by scientists Julia C. Brotton and Janet C. Cole from...

2009-07-23 17:06:39

Officials in a small Georgia town say they had to get rid of the swans that became local mascots because the birds became too violent. Residents of Mountain Park said Romeo, a male swan, arrived in town several years ago with his mate, Juliet, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Thursday. Romeo was paired with another swan named Juliet after a coyote killed the original, and he got a third mate named Viola last fall after the death of the second Juliet. Mayor Jim Still said the birds...

Latest Viola Reference Libraries

2009-04-23 11:03:59

Blue Wild Indigo or Blue False Indigo, (Baptisia australis) is an herbaceous perennial and member of the pea family. The genus name is derivative of the ancient Greek word, bapto, which means "immerse", while the detailed name australis is Latin for "southern". Other common names include Indigo Weed, Rattleweed, Rattlebush and Horse Fly Weed. The plants' dye is regularly substituted for that of the superior dye attained from the Indigofera tinctoria, which affirms the common name "blue false...

2005-07-12 15:38:04

The Heartsease (Viola triocolor) is a common European wild flower and grows as an annual or short-lived perennial. In North America, where it spread widely after its introduction, it is known as the Johnny Jump Up (though this name is also applied to similar native species such as the Yellow Pansy). It is the progenitor of the cultivated Pansy, and is therefore sometimes called the Wild Pansy; before the cultivated Pansies were developed, "pansy" was an alternative name for the wild form....

2005-07-12 11:20:45

The Pansy or Pansy Violet is a cultivated garden flower. It is derived from the wildflower called the Heartsease or Johnny Jump Up (Viola tricolor), and is sometimes given the subspecies name Viola tricolor hortensis. However, many garden varieties are hybrids and are referred to as Viola × wittrockiana. The name "pansy" also appears as part of the common name of a number of wild flowers belonging, like the cultivated Pansy, to the violet genus Viola. One or two unrelated flowers such as...

2005-06-23 10:33:32

Violets (genus Viola) are flowers from the family Violaceae, with around 400 species throughout temperate areas of the world. Most violets are herbs found in moist and slightly shaded conditions such as hedgerows. Violets are small perennial plants often with large heart-shaped leaves which flower profusely in spring. The genus includes the Sweet Violet (Viola odorata, the common violet of the English countryside) and Dog Violet, and many other species whose common name includes the word...

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