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2009-07-01 05:54:04

Researchers have said in a new report that coastal development and declining water quality are threatening seagrasses worldwide, The Associated Press reported. Some 58 percent of seagrass meadows are in decline, according to a study of coastal grasses around the world. Seagrass provides habitat for coastal life and helps reduce the impact of sediment and nutrient pollution. Coastal ecosystems have been pushed out of balance due to a combination of growing urban centers, artificially...

2009-06-29 16:57:03

 An international team of scientists warns that accelerating losses of seagrasses across the globe threaten the immediate health and long-term sustainability of coastal ecosystems. The team has compiled and analyzed the first comprehensive global assessment of seagrass observations and found that 58 percent of world's seagrass meadows are currently declining.The assessment, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows an acceleration of annual seagrass loss...

2008-09-04 09:00:22

By SCOTT HARPER By Scott Harper The Virginian-Pilot gloucester point Scientists, watermen and environmentalists urged passage Wednesday of a bill from U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman, a Virginia Republican, intended to more closely monitor the spending and priorities of the Chesapeake Bay cleanup. The bill, expected to be considered when Congress reconvenes later this month, would require the Office of Management and Budget to determine how much federal money is being spent on the cleanup...

2005-05-30 16:14:37

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- A 30-month fact-finding experiment will examine how Asian oysters grow, perform and survive in the Chesapeake Bay. Researchers with the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the University of Maryland will place thousands of the exotic oyster species in cages in the bay at four sites, two in Maryland and two in Virginia. The scientists want to see how the Asian oysters compete with native oysters, whether they survive diseases that have ravaged the native stocks and...

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