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2013-01-24 23:03:02

Virtual Global’s “Idea to Revenue” model provides more than app development for the cloud, giving developers end-to-end tools for creating, publishing, and selling their SaaS apps.

2010-12-22 00:01:33

The revised Cloudipedia website sheds new light on cloud computing jargon, news and hot trends (PRWEB) December 21, 2010 Virtual Global, a top provider of software systems for business, announces the relaunch of its comprehensive cloud computing portal, Cloudipedia.com, with a broader range of coverage; offering more news, more links and resources, including a free download of "Cloud Computing Made Easy" for cloud computing newbies. A recent White House report has recommended...

2010-12-21 00:01:46

The NIST-patented “Role-based Workflow” provides order-of-magnitude improvements in patient privacy for post-Wikileaks EHR software systems Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 20, 2010 The unfolding of the WikiLeaks saga, in which a quarter-million State Department documents were leaked, has clearly demonstrated just how serious privacy breaches can be for the individuals and organizations involved.

2010-12-08 00:00:41

New system gives SaaS developers the tools to create, publish and make money from their creations. (PRWEB) December 7, 2010 Virtual Global, provider of full-featured cloud platform development tools, today announced a new feature for its TeamHostâ„¢ toolkit that allows cloud developers to easily publish and market their own software-as-service (SaaS) solutions for subscription-based revenues.

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