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2011-02-22 08:04:21

(Ivanhoe Newswire) "“ The Rubella virus is responsible for more birth defects worldwide than any other infectious disease. A new breakthrough may help slow, even stop it in its track. The RNA virus can cause many viral diseases including, AIDS, influenza and hepatitis C. Researchers at the University Of Alberta's Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry discovered that a well known protein in the Rubella virus blocked the process that triggers cell death -- allowing the virus to replicate and...

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2011-03-03 21:34:50

Rubella virus is the cause of congenital rubella syndrome when infection occurs during the first weeks of pregnancy. Humans are the only known host of this virus. It is the only member of the genus of Rubivirus and belongs to the family of Togaviridae. Members of the Togaviridae family typically have a genome of single-stranded RNA of positive polarity which is enclosed by an icosahedral capsid. This genome has a length of about 9,757 nucleotides and encodes for two non-structural as well...

2011-01-20 19:28:48

Hepatitis E virus is an infective organism. The viral particles are 27 to 34 nanometers in diameter. They are non-enveloped and contain a single-strand of positive-sense RNA which is approximately 7300 bases in length. The virus was first visualized in 1983 and molecularly cloned in 1990. Previously it was classified in the family Caliciviridae. Its genome more closely resembles the rubella virus and is now classified as the only member of the genus Hepevirus which has not yet been...

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