Latest Vitamin B12 Stories

2013-01-13 17:00:45

Research in gaining and maintaining better health starts here. A natural approach to avoiding vitamin D deficiency and what are some of the known risks. New Philadelphia, Oh (PRWEB) January 13, 2013 ZijaExtreme.com, a website dedicated to natural health research and the use of natural supplements, has dug up some of the latest research on a more natural approach to the importance of Vitamin D, and also being aware of the symptoms associated with a deficiency. ZijaExtreme.com, a site devoted...

2013-01-12 05:02:37

Diet Doc announced an innovative transdermal B12 product; less invasive than injections and more effective to increase metabolism than pills. Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) January 11, 2013 Diet Doc has announced an innovative product that supports the transdermal delivery of vitamin B12 in perfectly measured amounts. This new B12 vitamin cream that can be applied to the skin enables users to increase metabolism for more energy. New B12 cream gives users more energy than dangerous energy drinks...

2013-01-10 05:03:38

This January, Request A Test is offering 10% off of all General Wellness testing including the Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy test. Vitamin D is essential for good health and testing Vitamin D levels is especially important during winter months when many people do not get enough sunlight to stimulate the body's production of this important vitamin. Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) January 09, 2013 Nasty winter weather is known for taking its toll on our health. But one health issue that people may overlook...

2013-01-04 05:03:56

Diet Doc's new transdermally applied vitamin B12 delivers the metabolism boosting supplement via a cream applied to the skin. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 03, 2013 B12 has long been used as a valuable metabolic booster, used to deliver the energizing punch in most energy drinks. However, the methods of delivery vary in effectiveness. Diet Doc has developed an innovative new delivery system for vitamin B12, allowing users to pump out perfectly measured amounts of B12 cream and apply to...

2012-12-25 05:01:04

Thought of as an easier and more effective delivery method, transdermal B12 application helps eliminate vitamin B12 deficiency. Diet Doc has developed new vitamin B12 transdermal cream to boost metabolism. Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) December 24, 2012 A Vitamin B12 deficiency can leave one feeling tired, weak and depressed and limited in performing at the highest energy level. B12 is often difficult for the body to absorb, making it necessary for patients to seek alternative methods of delivery....

2012-12-21 05:01:04

A 100% vegan solution for the one billion+ people who are Vitamin D deficient (a figure that grows in winter). Skin Authority announces a new, natural Vitamin D solution which addresses deficiency inside and out. This "nutrition sandwich" is one-of-a-kind and safe for everyone. Carlsbad, California (PRWEB) December 20, 2012 Got Vitamin D? Not likely. One billion people worldwide (a figure that grows in winter) are estimated to be Vitamin D deficient. Skin Authority announces a new, natural...

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