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2013-08-21 23:17:24

The online vitamin supplier offers solutions for expectant mothers to insure a happy and healthy pregnancy. Supplements provide nutrients needed during pregnancy. Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) August 21, 2013 An expectant mother’s health during pregnancy is paramount. Everything from the nutrition she receives through diet to her physical comfort has a lasting effect on her unborn child. The need for seemingly-common vitamins and supplements increases significantly when a woman becomes...

2013-08-12 23:24:10

There is one clinically-tested and proven ingredient that should be in every anti-aging regime. Sublime Beauty® reveals this and offers a product report for purchasers of the special product. St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) August 12, 2013 There are many different products that make a splash in the anti-aging skin care industry. There is one that has been tested since the 1960s and has proven itself over and over: Retinol. "Retinol does so many things for our skin, and really...

2013-08-06 23:29:28

Retinol is typically in the top 3 "must haves" recommended by dermatologists, doctors and researchers. Sublime Beauty® examines why and highlights its proprietary Retinol serum. St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) August 06, 2013 Though many new and different skin care products are introduced each year, Retinol (Vitamin A) stands (with sunscreen) as the gold standard in skin care even today. Why? "Retinol is a multi-tasker and works hard for our skin, whether young or...

2013-08-01 23:28:35

Healthy Directions, a leading source of natural health advice and doctor-formulated nutritional products, announces the launch of Post-M Support™ for Women, a supplement that addresses the health concerns women face following menopause. Potomac, MD (PRWEB) August 01, 2013 Healthy Directions, LLC, today announced the launch of Post-M Support™ for Women, a post-menopause supplement formulated by Stephen Sinatra, MD, that safely and naturally targets the many health issues women face...

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Golden Rice
2013-10-02 14:11:48

Golden Rice is a variety of Oryza sativa rice produced  through genetic engineering to biosynthesize beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, in the edible parts of the rice. The research was conducted with the goal of producing a fortified food to be grown and consumed in areas with a shortage of dietary vitamin A, a deficiency which is estimated to kill 670,000 children under five years old each year. Golden rice is different from its parental strain by the addition of three...

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