Latest Vocabulary Stories

2015-05-24 23:00:25

eReflect highlights an inspirational video by Soul Pancake giving ten messages every woman should be aware of and practice to live a wonderful life of genuine happiness and bliss. New

2015-05-20 23:01:08

Ultimate Vocabulary™ reveals how teachers can optimize their reading classes to help students both learn to love reading and to become significantly more skillful at it. New

2015-05-14 23:01:05

eReflect, designer of cloud based Ultimate Vocabulary™, shares the five reasons why Ultimate Vocabulary™ is the top ranking program for 2015.

2015-05-13 23:03:31

Ultimate Vocabulary™ and eReflect share their endorsement of the #DearMe YouTube campaign to inspire and empower young women around the world to be more assertive and pursue their dreams fearlessly.

2015-05-08 23:01:58

Ultimate Vocabulary™ offers suggestions for two ways writers can create compelling headlines for their articles and blog entries, announces eReflect, designer of the vocabulary building program.

political rumors
2015-05-05 14:04:09

Mark Twain said, “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” and new research has shown that once the lie gets out there, it stays out there.

2015-05-03 23:00:25

Ultimate Vocabulary™ software discusses the emotional world of punctuation marks in a new blog post, eReflect announces.

2015-04-30 23:03:54

eReflect is proud to announce Mark Ways’ review of Ultimate Vocabulary™ 2015. Ways is the founder of Speed Reading Lounge, a website focused on literacy.

2015-04-28 23:01:48

eReflect is pleased to announce that Top Ten Reviews’ top choice for vocabulary building is Ultimate Vocabulary™.

2015-04-25 23:00:29

eReflect proposes blended learning as an effective teaching approach that leverages Ed Tech in the classroom.

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  • A mania for the use of printing-types; a strong propensity to write for publication.
The word 'typomania' comes from Greek roots meaning 'type' and 'madness'.