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2008-08-01 12:00:31

MOSCOW _ Saudi Arabia's religious police have banned selling pet cats and dogs and walking them in public places in the country's capital Riyadh to preserve public morals, the Al-Hayat newspaper said Thursday.

2008-07-15 09:00:56

By Brian Viner Last Night's TV THE QUR'AN CHANNEL 4 BANGED UP FIVE Whatever is the opposite of turning in one's grave, Lord Reith must be doing it.

2006-07-24 07:30:00

The fact that he still has a newspaper to edit is proof enough to Khalaf Alharbi that the ceiling of freedom in ultraconservative Saudi Arabia is rising.

2006-07-13 06:09:42

By Andrew Hammond JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - The first Saudi Arabian film festival opened this week, but the silver screen remains so controversial in the conservative kingdom that the word "cinema" does not even appear in the title.

2006-06-08 10:19:09

RIYADH (Reuters) - A leading Saudi royal on Thursday defended the ultraconservative Islamic state's education system, saying that Muslim militancy blamed on Saudi school textbooks had its roots elsewhere. The Saudi curriculum came under intense scrutiny after the September 11 attacks on U.S.

2006-05-25 08:47:54

By Andrew Hammond RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia's education system continues to preach hatred for both Muslims and non-Muslims who oppose the ultraconservative state's version of Islam despite pledges of reform, a report published in the United States said.

2006-05-24 14:10:00

Saudi Arabia said on Wednesday it had taken measures to limit the power of controversial religious police who hardline clerics say make society more moral but many accuse of interfering in people's lives.

2006-04-21 02:29:33

DUBAI (Reuters) - A Saudi journalist was freed after he had been detained for criticizing conservative Islamists, an international media watchdog said. Rabah al-Quwai, who writes for the daily Shams and some Saudi-run Web sites, was detained in the northern city of Hail, and held for 13 days.

2006-02-28 20:06:32

By Andrew Hammond QATIF, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - For Shi'ites living on Saudi Arabia's east coast, freedom is an invisible line in the sand. "Over there it's Dammam and if you hold a Shi'ite gathering you are arrested straight away.

2006-02-28 09:05:00

Young Saudis, thirsty for cinema in a country with no big screens and just the bare bones of a movie industry, are determined to drag the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom into the celluloid world.

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