Latest Washer Stories

2013-02-06 23:03:34

Airport Home Appliance is proud to introduce a new line of Frigidaire Affinity High Efficiency washers and dryers that execute their latest technology. (PRWEB)

Daimer Industries Announces Pressure Washer For Commercial Drum Steam Cleaning Applications
2013-02-04 10:10:16

Steam pressure washers are the best and most effective steam machines to clean commercial drums containing grease, oil, food, and other build-up. Daimer's new equipment offers Super-Hot technology and high temperatures that can clean drums in seconds without chemicals.

Daimer Releases Pressure Washer For Farm Equipment Cleaning
2013-01-29 08:42:36

Cleaning farm equipment takes especially robust pressure washers to remove mud and other build-up in the most effective manner. Daimer has launched a diesel powered and heated steam machine offering a high pressure and flow rate to make cleaning a fast process.

Daimer Super Max Pressure Washer Announced For Parking Lot Cleaning & Maintenance
2013-01-23 09:26:13

Cleaning and maintaining parking lots can be an arduous and time-consuming task without the best and most power-packed cleaning machines. New, advanced pressure washers are available with productivity-maximizing technologies that offer up to 1000% better cleaning power than conventional equipment.

Super Max Pressure Washer Steam Cleaner By Daimer Industries Debuted For Bus Washing Industry
2013-01-18 08:26:19

Bus washing requires higher pressure washers than those steam cleaners used for auto detailing to achieve the best and most effective cleaning power. Daimer's new pressure washing equipment offers bus cleaning professionals superior pressure, flow rate, and high temperatures to clean vehicles quickly.

2013-01-15 23:02:20

Tempest Surgical Device Washer by Midbrook Medical demonstrates increased return on investment, helping Central Sterile Processing professionals maximize time while minimizing expenses and risk

Super Max Pressure Washer Steam Cleaner By Daimer Debuted To Machines Shops Offers Environmentally-Friendly And Powerful Chemical-Free Equipment Degreasing
2013-01-14 08:29:03

Machine shops globally have traditionally cleaned grease laden and oily equipment using harmful chemicals followed by manual wiping due to lack of proper drainage. New Super-Hot pressure washers offer the benefits of ultra-fast cleaning along with ultra-low water flow available with only the best steam cleaners.

Daimer Unveils Pressure Washer Steam Cleaner With Unique Steam Nozzle Optimized Technology For The Ultimate In Cleaning Versatility
2013-01-03 11:05:50

Many users of industrial pressure washer require high temperatures while using various spray patterns, but no suppliers up to this point have offered multiple nozzles for the steam mode. New steam cleaners include an exclusive technology allowing for the use of several nozzles from which wet steam can flow for the ultimate in flexibility.

Daimer Unveils Pressure Washer Steam Cleaner To Its Cleaning Equipment Offerings for U.S. Military In The Middle East And Elsewhere Worldwide
2013-01-01 13:47:07

Military cleaning personnel need powerful pressure washers just like all maintenance staff with many industries, but the environments within which cleaning is performed are very different.

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