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2011-09-23 08:45:00

November 19th marks the 10th anniversary of World Toilet Day, and research by The London Science Museum revealed how 3,000 visitors rated an online connection more essential than toilet facilities. To highlight the growing problem of inadequate toilet facilities in developing countries, Richard Dalton of washroom toilet cubicle systems supplier Qubicle, is urging companies, schools and colleges to consider Toilet Twinning. Bolton, Lancashire (PRWEB) September 23, 2011 In research conducted...

2011-09-16 10:00:00

Facilities are adding the SanitGrasp door handle to avoid germs and meet strict ADA guidelines. Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB) September 16, 2011 SanitGrasp, the internationally patented hands free door handle, is being recognized as the door handle that best satisfies ADA regulations. This door handle is in the shape of a âœJâ, thereby allowing a person to open a door with their closed fist or wrist. The SanitGrasp has been identified as a method of...

2011-08-06 00:00:28

National Gut Week 2011 is approaching! TV & Sports personalities will be getting involved with the event up and down the UK to raise public awareness of digestive health, and Bolton-based Qubicle is offering a service to assist schools, offices and commercial premises to bring their washroom areas up to standard as recent research has shown we are now spending more time in the bathroom than ever. Bolton, Lancashire (PRWEB) August 05, 2011 A survey which question 5,000 British residents...

2011-08-05 00:00:29

Unchanged for nearly 100 years, the traditional toilet seat has just been brought into the 21st Century in both form and functionality with the Adjustable Advantage toilet seat. Winston-Salem, NC (PRWEB) August 04, 2011 Created and then later patented by a 75 year old man for his own personal use, The Adjustable Advantage toilet seat really does do what its name implies. By adding adjustable seat arms to his toilet seat, he created a seat that provided more room for easier access and...

2011-08-02 11:00:00

ALTOONA, Iowa, Aug. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- We've all heard of recycling bottles, cans, and newspapers. But what about recycling human waste? This radical concept, once embraced only by hippies, is now going mainstream thanks to the growing popularity of composting toilets. A composting toilet is an eco-friendly alternative toilet designed to recycle human waste into compost, or enriched garden soil. "We've seen a huge increase in homeowner inquiries about composting toilet systems,"...

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