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2009-07-15 10:00:00

A new project will track thousands of pieces of household garbage using sophisticated mobile tags in an effort to draw attention to and reduce the amount of waste people produce.

2009-06-18 11:52:51

Krakow municipal police in southern Poland are out in the streets to fine dog-walking citizens $210 each for failing to collect dog poop. In a campaign to keep the streets' sidewalks cleared of dogs' feces, Krakow Mayor Jacek Majchrowski has formed a task force to tackle the problem of removing about

2009-05-06 12:00:00

Litter collection and beautification projects help make California the cleanest state in the nation! SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Government, non-profit and private organizations gathered in Sacramento today to launch California's statewide efforts for the 3rd Annual Great American Cleanup(TM) campaign.

2009-03-18 18:16:57

A leading local environmental organization said on Wednesday that Greek beaches were covered in over 91,000 items of garbage last year.

2009-01-24 12:23:26

A 61-year-old British man must pay for the government clean-up of his home, in which 17 truckloads of hoarded rubbish was hauled away, a court says. It took that many skips, or dumpsters, to hold all the trash removed from the Leeds, England, home of Anthony Cockerham, The Daily Telegraph reported.

2008-12-10 07:00:00

A holiday 'how to' guide for plastic bottle and bag reuse and recycling ARLINGTON, Va., Dec.

2008-12-04 00:59:18

A street cleaner in Lincoln, England, says police have allowed him to keep a bag containing an estimated $20,000 in shredded cash he found in a trash bin. Graham Hill said he took the carrier bag containing the cut-up money to police after discovering it while emptying trash bins.

2008-10-31 12:00:18

Storm season is just around the corner. If left unchecked, the litter, leaves, and automobile fluids that have collected on the street surfaces of our communities will flow along with rainwater, untreated, into water bodies like the Los Angeles River and the ocean.

2008-10-07 00:00:23

By Mariam Mokhtar I AGREE with your report that more emphasis should be placed on looking after our environment ("Time to take out the garbage" - NST, Oct 3). The health risks that come with garbage are numerous. So public awareness of destruction to the environment should be heightened.

2008-10-01 03:00:13

By Tremblay, Kenneth PENNSYLVANIA-A fire that began when an ashtray emptied into a trash can ignited its contents damaged an apartment in an eight- story building for low-income older adults. Fortunately, the detection systems worked as designed and alerted occupants.

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