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2008-09-24 06:00:18

By Banks Albach At 11:10 a.m.

2008-09-22 09:00:30

When legislative analysts proposed a state fee on garbage dumped in landfills last week, some lawmakers objected that it would burden homeowners. It would be easy to take a cynical view of the protests raised by Dels. Johnny Joannou and Kirk Cox.

2008-09-20 21:00:18

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Sept.

2008-09-19 21:00:17

By ERIC HARTLEY Staff writer Standing on a gravel lot atop a literal mountain of trash, Rich Bowen looks down and says: "Fifty percent of what's under our feet right now is recyclable." It's his job as the county's new recycling manager to make sure that doesn't happen again.

2008-09-18 00:00:17

By JENNA RICHARDS Two Torquay residents tidied up their street only for the council to refuse to take the rubbish. Trevor Hurling and neighbour Penny Meredith of Venford Close heard about the national Big Tidy Up campaign and decided to clean up their street.

2008-09-16 00:00:15

By Nancy Bowman Staff Writer TROY -- Troy City Council's president broke a rare tie vote Sept. 3, on the road to the council approving the city's first refuse collection fee.

2008-09-15 21:00:14

By Gerard Dziuba Remember the candy wrapper or newspaper that flew out of your garbage can last November? You had every intention of picking it up when you had more time, or the temperature got warmer? Now all your excuses - and the snow that hid the blown-away litter - are gone, and it's time to get your gloves on and pick up your yard.

2008-09-06 03:00:16

By Sorensen, Meredith Portland International Airport (PDX) in Portland, Oregon, expands its food waste collection to travelers.

2008-09-04 21:00:19

By Linda Davis The City Council this week got the lowdown on trash collection, pondered the dissolution of an undergrounding district and reviewed a proposal for remodeling the City Hall basement.

2008-09-03 03:00:11

All-you-can-eat is less than you can carry The University of Virginia and Virginia Tech are among the growing list of colleges ditching cafeteria trays. Tech stowed the trays this summer at its all-you-can-eat dining centers and found food waste dropped 38 percent.

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