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2012-09-19 11:46:03

Giving energy dense food supplements— Ready-to-Use Supplementary Food (RUSF), a lipid-based nutrient supplement—to young children in addition to a general food distribution in a country with food shortages (Chad) did not reduce levels of wasting (low weight for height, a sign of acute undernutrition) but slightly increased their height and haemoglobin levels according to a study conducted by the international non-governmental organization Action Against Hunger-France (ACF-France) in...

2011-11-15 09:41:46

Patients with cancer, heart disease and other chronic illness struggle not only with complications inherent to their disease, they also experience an involuntary loss of weight and muscle mass triggered by the body's natural response to infection and inflammation.

2011-03-09 13:12:02

Economic growth in India has no automatic connection to reducing undernutrition in Indian children and so further reductions in the prevalence of childhood undernutrition are likely to depend on direct investments in health and health-related programs.

2010-11-01 21:20:26

Generations of Moms and Grandmas have preached the virtues of not wasting food.

2009-01-21 16:28:28

Doctors are not doing enough to pick up on problems with excessive weight loss, says a Saint Louis University physician who helped draft recent guidelines to diagnose the condition called "cachexia" (kuh-kex-ee-uh).

2009-01-21 13:10:27

Children in Niger who received daily nutritional supplements for three months lost less weight and displayed a decreased risk of muscle deterioration, researchers reported on Wednesday.

2009-01-21 09:00:05

Children in Niger who received a daily nutritional supplement for three months had a lower rate of weight loss and a reduced risk of wasting compared to children who did not receive the supplementation, according to a study in the January 21 issue of JAMA.

2005-11-14 12:31:52

A new study provides important insight into the mechanisms of a muscle wasting disorder that interferes with treatment for cancer and has a negative impact on patient survival. The research, published in the November issue of Cancer Cell, describes an unexpected link between muscular dystrophy and muscle wasting associated with cancer, and suggests a potential strategy for development of therapies to combat cancer-associated muscle wasting.

2005-08-03 14:17:06

Even though severe malnutrition is a major cause of death among many hospitalized children in sub-Saharan Africa, the current recommended assessment method using weight for height to determine if a child is malnourished is not always feasible in these clinical settings.

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