Latest Water desalination Stories

2011-08-10 00:00:30

The intricate connection between water and energy has become threatened in recent years by the rapid depletion of both essential resources. But due to Israel's work in developing water-conservation technologies and ever-increasing use of alternative energy sources, water and energy consumption as we know it can continue to flourish. This year's upcoming WATEC Israel 2011 will shine a timely light on the Water & Energy Nexus that is proving to be a topic worth discussion. Houston, TX...

2011-08-05 11:47:54

The need for fresh water is expanding every day and over one-third of the world's population currently inhabit areas struggling to keep up with the demand for water. Researchers estimate that by 2025, that number will nearly double. Digging deeper or pumping water from further upstream in the water table is only a short-term solution that often leads to disputes between countries and water conservation and reuse projects have only limited effectiveness. A new study from Yale University and...

2011-07-20 00:00:31

The International Desalination Association has released a "blue paper" outlining strategies to minimize potential effects from desalination on the Gulf. The paper is based on 12 months of work done by members of IDA's global Environmental Task Force and discussions among regulators, scientists, engineers, water producers, environmentalists, members of the desalination industry and academics who attended the landmark Environmental Symposium on Desalination and the Gulf held in Bahrain....

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