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Relationship Explored Between Climate Change And Severe Weather
2013-02-15 18:38:27

A professor of atmospheric sciences suggests the US, in the coming years, will have five-day forecasts that show a greater number of extreme weather events.

2013-02-12 23:01:37

Advanced Vapor Technologies’ (AVT) TANCS ® Steam Vapor Disinfection System has been designated a “High Performance Cleaning Product for Microbial Reduction” by IEHA under its High

2013-02-08 23:02:59

The Chemical-Free Ladybug Tekno 2350 Steam Vapor Sanitization System With TANCS® Is Scientifically Proven To Kill Bacteria Cells Unreachable By Bleach And Qualifies As A Disinfection Device

Is Mars Hot or Cold?
2013-02-08 14:49:48

We are learning something new about the red planet almost daily. But what about the weather on our celestial neighbor? One of the most common questions that people have is whether Mars is hot or cold.

2013-02-06 23:04:44

Company Says the Toxic-Free Tekno 2350 Steam Vapor Sanitization System is Ideal for Offices and Operatories Because it Qualifies as a Disinfection Device for the EPA Vernon

Certain Volatile Gases Found To Promote Cloud Formation
2013-02-05 09:20:34

A new study from Columbia Engineering and the Georgia Institute of Technology shows – for the first time – certain volatile organic gases can promote cloud formation in ways atmospheric scientists have never before considered.

2013-02-01 23:01:55

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Atmosphere Is Home To Substantial Number Of Microorganisms
2013-01-29 11:19:02

In 2010, a NASA DC-8 soared high up into the troposphere to collect air samples in order to study air masses associated with tropical storms. What they found was quite surprising. Bugs - microorganisms actually - in the troposphere.

2013-01-25 23:02:55

Manuals are available on the 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com website in PDF format. Lake Forest, IL (PRWEB) January 25, 2013 1-800-GO-VAPOR.com, an authorized dealer

2013-01-24 23:03:15

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2009-07-18 15:14:24

A thermal column is a column of rising air in lower altitudes of the atmosphere. Thermal columns are created by uneven heating patterns of the Earth's surface from solar radiation. The sun warms the ground, and the air directly above the ground begins to warm. As the warm air expands, it becomes less dense than the air around it and rises. As the warmer air rises, it cools due to its expansion in lower high-altitude pressures. When it cools to the same temperature as the surrounding air, it...

2009-07-18 14:15:52

Water vapor (aqueous vapor) is the gaseous phase of water. It is one stage of the water cycle of our planet. Water vapor is formed from either evaporation or heating of liquid water, or from the sublimation of ice. In nature, water vapor is continuously produced by evaporation and removed by condensation. Along with carbon dioxide and methane gas, water vapor is one of the greenhouse gases. The release of water molecules from liquid water is considered evaporation. The transition of these...

2009-07-06 16:36:49

Mist is a phenomenon that consists of small droplets of water suspended in air. Mist occurs as part of a natural weather event or from volcanic activity. Mist is most common in cold air above warm water. Mist also occurs when air is exhaled in cold temperatures or when steam is formed in a sauna. Aerosol cans can create artificial mist if the humidity levels are just right. The one difference between mist and fog is visibility. If visibility is less than 0.62 miles (1 kilometer), the...

2009-07-06 16:28:37

Condensation is the change of the physical state of matter from a gaseous form into liquid form. When the transition of matter happens from gaseous to solid directly, it is known as deposition. Condensation occurs when a vapor is cooled or compressed to its dew point. Water vapor that naturally condenses on cold surfaces into liquid is called dew. Water vapor will only condense on another surface when the temperature of the surface is cooler than the temperature of the water vapor. Water...

2009-07-06 16:20:02

White frost is a type of solid ice that forms directly from water vapor found in the air. White frost forms when the humidity is above 90% and the temperature is below 18 degrees Fahrenheit. White frost grows against the wind, since the facing winds have higher humidity than leeward air. The wind must be light or the delicate icy structures become broken. The structures have big, interlocking, needle-like crystals. This phenomenon occurs very rarely. White frost is considered an intermediate...

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