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2012-05-14 03:00:12

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 11-13, 2012: Saturday was fairly quiet. However, we did see a waterspout off the coast of Florida which made its way on shore causing some damage in the panhandle. On Sunday, the severe weather shifted back into Western Texas and New Mexico with one reported tornado in New Mexico and multiple damaging wind reports in New Mexico and Western Texas. Big Story Weather Outlook for May 14: Low pressure moving into the...

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2012-05-10 03:00:32

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly Big Story Weather from May 9, 2012: Severe weather made a small return to the United States yesterday. Two tornadoes were reported in Louisiana which started as waterspouts and moved onshore. Secondly there were numerous waterspouts from the Texas coast all the way over to the Florida Panhandle.  Medium size hail reports also came in from Southern Texas and Southern Florida with the largest hail size being estimated around 4.5 inches which occurred...

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2012-04-23 03:00:24

Red Orbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly In this lesson we will look at different components of a thunderstorm. The first is the thunder which is the audio shockwave that is released just after a flash of lightning occurs. There is a rule of thumb that if you count the seconds after a flash of lightning to the sound of thunder you can determine how far away the thunderstorm is. For example if you count 5 seconds after a flash of lighting to the sound of thunder this would tell you the...

Weather Education Episode #5:  How Are Waterspouts Different From Tornadoes?
2012-04-02 08:30:29

RedOrbit Meteorologist Joshua Kelly First, it is important to know that waterspouts occur over water only, and when they reach the coastline they quickly dissolve. But why? That question can be answered by looking more into detail of what makes up a water spout. First, a waterspout comes from two types of clouds, the first being a towering cumulus cloud. The second cloud is the cumulus-nimbus cloud. Next, a water spout is created by the upward motion of water being pulled from a...

2009-03-25 16:14:04

Sea captain's historic report, modern photographs, lead scientists to new conclusions A 200-year-old report by a sea captain and photographs of the 2008 eruption of Mount Chaiten are helping scientists better understand strong volcanic plumes. In a paper published this week in the journal Nature, the scientists show that the spontaneous formation of a "volcanic mesocyclone"--a rotating, column-shaped vortex--causes the volcanic plume to rotate on its axis. The rotation, in turn, triggers a...

2008-08-13 15:00:29

By Peter B Lord; Alan Dunham The hazardous weather warning distributed by the National Weather Service yesterday morning for Rhode Island and points north sounded all too familiar this summer: "ANOTHER ROUND OF NOTABLE THUNDERSTORMS IS EXPECTED BETWEEN 2 PM AND 8 PM THIS AFTERNOON WITH HALF INCH OR SLIGHTLY LARGER HAIL ... GUSTY NORTHWEST WINDS TO 45 MPH ... LIGHTNING STRIKES AND BRIEF HEAVY RAINS THAT MAY PRODUCE A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF POOR DRAINAGE FLOODING IN A COUPLE OF...

2008-07-25 15:00:40

Some saw a funnel cloud over Barrington Beach, while others saw a water spout on Narragansett Bay. No matter what you saw, it was a small tornado that touched down and tore through Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, National Weather Service meteorologists confirmed yesterday. A service team spotted the waterspout forming off Rumstick Point in Barrington at 4 p.m. Wednesday. With powerful wind speeds of 65 to 75 mph, the tornado moved swiftly onto land toward the southern part...

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Types of Clouds
2012-07-19 17:40:55

The above cloud is known as a towering cumulus cloud or TCU for short. TCU clouds are a form of cumulus clouds. They are the second stage of the cumulus family. The thing that makes these clouds unique is the vertical extent of them. They can extend very high into the atmosphere and sometimes they form in multiple rows. Towering Cumulus clouds can bring waterspouts when they are over the open waters and they are responsible for heavy rain. TCU Clouds have two types of air within them. They...

2009-07-06 17:32:34

Raining animals is a rare meteorological phenomenon, although there have been occurrences reported from many countries throughout history. It is believed that this phenomenon occurs at least occasionally when strong winds that are traveling over water pick up live debris (fish, frogs, etc.) and carry them up to several miles depositing them over land. Though this is one theory, it has never been witnessed or significantly tested. Animals that are most likely to drop from the sky during a...

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