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2008-09-18 03:00:22

By Fletcher, Sam A 1963 episode of the popular television series, "The Twilight Zone," told of a rich executive who, with no new business challenges to conquer, made a deal with the Devil to return as a young man to his childhood home in the late 19th Century and build his fortune again with the hindsight of modern knowledge.

2008-09-16 12:05:00

Google is considering a move to deploy barges anchored seven miles offshore that would house supercomputers operating the company’s Internet search engines.

2008-09-10 12:25:00

Scientists said on Wednesday that Australia's vast coastline is increasingly being battered by destructive "extreme waves" driven in part by climate change.

2008-09-10 00:00:00

I think Philip Bramey ought to look at a few hard facts about renewable energy ("Wave hub is better bet than wind farm", August 26) before dismissing wind power in favour of wave and tidal, then perhaps his blood pressure might subside a bit! Every source of energy, conventional or renewable, has its good and bad points.

2008-09-03 18:00:35

Finavera Renewables Inc. ("Finavera Renewables" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE: FVR) is pleased to announce the completion of its 2008 Annual General Meeting ("AGM").

2008-09-03 00:00:00

Regen sw the region's agency on renewable energy development, points out to the Government the economic benefits in backing the development of wind farms on land or sea.

2008-08-27 15:01:03

FreedomWorks Oregon's Campaign for Affordable and Reliable Energy (CARE) is launching a series of radio ads promoting the development of clean, affordable, and reliable sources of energy, in addition to exposing how anti-energy radicals are opposed not just to energy development, but to our modern way of life.

2008-08-25 09:01:39

M2E Power, Inc., a renewable energy design and development company, today announced the company is moving forward with the development of an external charger for mobile devices.

2008-08-21 12:01:21

By DOUGLAS HAMILTON AQUAMARINE Power, the Edinburgh-based marine energy company, announced yesterday that it has appointed Martin McAdam as its chief executive. McAdam joins Aquamarine from wind farm developer and operator Airtricity, where he was chief operating officer.

2008-08-18 18:00:41

By Robert S. Boyd WASHINGTON - Scouring the Earth for new sources of clean, renewable energy, scientists and engineers are exploring some unusual nooks and crannies.

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