Latest Wealth condensation Stories

2012-03-07 20:20:07

Next year´s Davos meeting could benefit from physicists´ insights on how new market rules help avoid wealth concentration Two Brazilian physicists have shown that wealth concentration invariably stems from a particular type of market exchange rules — where agents cannot receive more income than their own capital. The authors concluded that maximum inequalities ensue from free markets, which are governed by such seemingly fair rules. This study was conducted by J. Roberto...

2011-07-22 14:20:51

New model isolates the effects of chance in an investment-based economy Most of our society's wealth is invested in businesses or other ventures that may or may not pan out. Thus, chance plays a role in where the wealth of a society will end up. But does chance favor the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, or does it tend to level the playing field? Three University of Minnesota researchers have built a simplified model that isolates the effects of chance and found that it...

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