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IQ Can Change Significantly During Teen Years
2011-10-20 09:12:11

New research funded by the Wellcome Trust suggests that IQ scores in teenagers can dramatically change in conjunction with changes that occur in the brain, according to various media reports. IQ, the standard measure of intelligence, has been thought to remain stable across a person´s life, and childhood scores are often used to predict education outcome and job prospects as an adult. However, based on findings from the study, researchers caution using the 11+ exam for grammar school...

2011-09-29 10:15:17

Autism spectrum disorders, including Asperger syndrome, have generally been associated with uneven intellectual profiles and impairment, but according to a new study of Asperger individuals published in the online journal PLoS ONE, this may not be the case — as long as intelligence is evaluated by the right test. Both autistic and Asperger individuals display uneven profiles of performance in commonly used intelligence test batteries such as Wechsler scales, and their strongest...

2011-05-13 07:10:00

RESTON, Va., May 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite the tough economy, competition for private school admission continues to increase as many parents choose private schools to give their children a competitive edge. To fulfill this important niche, Test Tutor Publishing (AKA The Test Tutor) has created WPPSI-III(TM) and WISC-IV(TM) Test Preparation Kits to help children develop the skills needed for the IQ tests required for admission into the most selective private schools. Since its launch...

2009-06-16 10:51:00

Autistics are up to 40 percent faster at problem-solving than non-autistics, according to a new Universit© de Montr©al and Harvard University study published in the journal Human Brain Mapping. As part of the investigation, participants were asked to complete patterns in the Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices (RSPM) "“ test that measures hypothesis-testing, problem-solving and learning skills."While both groups performed RSPM test with equal accuracy, the autistic group...

2008-08-30 09:00:55

By Benner, Gregory J Allor, Jill H; Mooney, Paul Abstract Little is known about the academic processing speed (i.e., rapid automatic naming and academic fluency) of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) served in public school settings. A crosssectional design was used to investigate the (a) percentage of K-12 students with EBD served in public school settings with academic processing speed deficits; (b) mean level and stability of academic processing speed...

2005-12-23 00:15:00

Brain size matters for intellectual ability and bigger is better, McMaster University researchers have found. The study, led by neuroscientist Sandra Witelson, a professor in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, and published in the December issue of the journal Brain, has provided some of the clearest evidence on the underlying basis of differences in intelligence. The study involved testing of intelligence in 100 neurologically normal, terminally ill volunteers, who agreed that...

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