Latest Weight and Height Percentile Stories

2014-04-18 11:27:46

Weight gain in children after they have their tonsils removed (adenotonsillectomy) occurs primarily in children who are smaller and younger at the time of the surgery, and weight gain was not linked with increased rates of obesity. About 500,000 children in the United States have their tonsils removed each year. The childhood obesity rate prompted reevaluation of the question of weight gain after adenotonsillectomy. The authors reviewed medical records and the final study consisted of...

New Method For Predicting Childhood Obesity
2011-11-09 06:31:55

Researchers have developed a new method for doctors to help predict which babies will grow up to be obese. A team of researchers found that growth charts doctors use at check-ups can predict a child's risk of becoming obese later in life. The study tracked over 44,000 babies for over a decade, measuring a child's length and weight from birth to the age of three.  The team then put the children's results on a growth chart as a percentile. The percentile shows how boys and girls...

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