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Duncraft customers watch and feed squirrels almost as much as they do the birds! And Duncraft has a wide

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2007-08-13 03:17:27

The California Ground Squirrel (Spermophilus beecheyi), is a common and easily observed ground squirrel of the western United States and the Baja California peninsula. It is common in Oregon and California and its range has relatively recently extended into Washington. In colder climates they hibernate for several months of the year. In the warmer areas of their range they may only aestivate a few days when it gets cold. The squirrel's upperparts are mottled, the fur containing a mixture...

2007-06-25 10:50:46

The Fox Squirrel, Sciurus niger, is the largest species of tree squirrels native to North America. The Fox Squirrel's natural range extends throughout the eastern United States, excluding New England, north into the southern prairie provinces of Canada, and west to the Dakotas, Colorado, and Texas. They have been introduced into Northern California. While very versatile in their habitat choices, fox squirrels are most often found in forest patches of 250 square miles or less with an open...

2007-06-25 10:35:38

The Western Gray Squirrel, Sciurus griseus, is a tree squirrel found along the western coast of the United States and Canada. This species has been known as the Silver-gray squirrel, the California Gray Squirrel, the Oregon Gray Squirrel, the Columbian Gray Squirrel, the Banner-tail, and also simply as the Gray Squirrel. Three geographical subspecies are known. The Western Gray Squirrel was first described by George Ord in 1818 based on notes taken by Lewis and Clark at The Dalles in Wasco...

2007-06-25 10:33:34

The Eastern Gray Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis, is a tree squirrel native to the eastern to mid-western United States and eastern provincial Canada. The species name carolinensis refers to the Carolinas, where they were first recorded by zoologists and are still extremely common. The native range of the Eastern Gray Squirrel overlaps with that of the Fox squirrel, with which it is sometimes confused. This squirrel has also been introduced to the western United States and the United Kingdom...

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