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2008-06-21 06:00:11

By Wade Rawlins, The News & Observer, Raleigh, N.C. Jun. 21--The fire in Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in Eastern North Carolina has burned more intensely and spread more widely because of changes to the land in earlier decades to promote farming. Much of the swampy land blackened by the Evans Road fire is crosshatched with ditches and canals that lower the water level and make the ground suitable for growing crops. The drainage ditches also allow the carbon-rich peat soil...

2008-06-18 09:00:00

By Susan Kuczka, Chicago Tribune Jun. 18--Fox Waterway Agency workers temporarily staked three massive floating bogs to the Grass Lake shoreline Tuesday, preventing a potentially dangerous backup of floodwater from the Fox River. The bogs had broken off from the Chain O' Lakes State Park and Conservation Area. "The thing is huge," said Ingrid Ruttendjie, the agency's executive director, after taking a boat tour of the land mass that had plugged the channel connecting Glass Lake and Lake...

2008-02-01 15:59:51

Despite the vital role wetlands play in society, they remain among the most threatened ecosystems on Earth. To emphasise the direct and positive effects of healthy wetlands for humans, the theme of this year's World Wetlands Day, held every year on 2 February, is "ËœHealthy Wetlands, Healthy People'. According to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, the poor management of wetlands claims the lives of more than 3 million people every year and brings suffering to many more. Because...

2007-08-12 15:14:30

By Gena Kittner, The Wisconsin State Journal Aug. 12--TOWN OF BLUE MOUNDS -- A popular fishing spot and swimming hole for nearly a century, Stewart Lake has morphed into an algae and silt fraught body of water. But a siphon drawing down the seven-acre lake near Mount Horeb in southwestern Dane County is an important step, county officials say, to returning this popular destination to its original glory. "With the amount of algae and weed growth, it 's hard to recreate, " said Pete Jopke,...

2007-05-06 18:00:00

By CHARLIE DIMMOCK WHEN I worked in a water garden centre, customers were forever asking me: 'I've got this creature in my pond what is it?' Well, lots of things live in ponds, I had to tell them. I've found many weird and wonderful creatures in ponds over the years, including believe it or not an eel. They can travel quite a long way over land between one stretch of water and another. In one customer's pond, I came across a couple of stone loaches, which are river fish, so how they got...

2006-11-07 12:40:00

Wetlands play a vital role in society, yet they remain among the most threatened ecosystems on Earth. In an effort to preserve wetlands, ESA began the GlobWetland project in 2003 to address these threats using satellite imagery. Three years later, the wetland and scientific communities are reviewing the role of Earth observation technologies in wetland preservation. Over one hundred wetland and Earth observation (EO) experts from around the world gathered at ESA's...

2006-10-23 06:00:21

By Gina Smith, The State, Columbia, S.C. Oct. 23--While Columbia leaders have not agreed to a plan to create artificial wetlands in Lower Richland, developers already are holding invitation-only community meetings to build support. At the meetings, representatives of Columbia Venture LLC explain to residents, environmental activists and others what the wetlands project entails and why it's a good plan that the city should pursue for the 1,700-acre site long known as the Green Diamond...

2006-06-19 18:40:07

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- State officials won't let you have the new adoptees without a home that is clean, stable and built to last - but they'll look the other way if you decide to pierce and fillet them. Don Wren drove almost 20 miles recently to bring the small fries back to a farm between U.S. 63 and the Columbia Regional Airport. He isn't the kind of foster parent who eats his adoptees, but his children and grandchildren might. After all, Wren participates in a program designed to expand fishing...

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2013-04-19 21:07:34

Mudflats, or otherwise known as tidal flats, are coastal wetlands that form when mud is left behind by tides or rivers. They’re found in sheltered regions such as bayous, lagoons, estuaries, and bays. Mudflats might be seen geologically as exposed layers of bay mud, a result from the deposition of estuarine silts, marine animal detritus, and clays. The majority of the sediment in a mudflat is within the intertidal zone, therefore the flat is submerged and exposed about twice per day. In...

2013-04-19 18:19:23

A wetland is an area of land that is saturated with water, either permanently or seasonally, such that it takes on the traits of a distinct ecosystem. First and foremost, the factor that distinguishes the wetlands from other land forms or water bodies is the unique vegetation that has adapted to its characteristic soil conditions. The wetland consists mostly of hydric soil, which is supportive of aquatic plants. The water that is found in wetlands can be saltwater, brackish, or freshwater....

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