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2008-07-22 15:00:00

BOULDER, Colo., July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Budget-conscious travel doesn't have to mean forgoing safari dreams -- or sustainable travel goals. Award-winning ecotour provider Natural Habitat Adventures suggests setting your safari sights on Mexico, where favorable exchange rates and airfare deals boost value. "Mexico has an amazing range of wildlife, including some unique opportunities with rare and endangered species," says Natural Habitat Adventures founder and director Ben Bressler. "And...

2008-07-20 09:00:00

By Stephanie Cuevas, The Sun Herald, Biloxi, Miss. Jul. 20--BILOXI -- In 2003, a small group of researchers from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Lab stumbled upon a pod of 16 whale sharks several miles south of the coast of Venice, La., while conducting a study on sargasm weed. Dr. Eric Hoffmayer, a participant in the study, saw the perfect opportunity to study the biggest fish in the ocean. In the past five years, Hoffmayer has started a satellite tagging study for whale sharks...

2008-01-03 09:21:53

Whale sharks, which grow to weigh as much as two or three adult elephants, are thriving in waters off Western Australia, a new study of underwater images suggests. Up to 65 feet long (20 meters), the whale shark, Rhincodon typus, is the world's largest living fish species — and also the largest shark. Though hefty, this shark is known as the "gentle giant" for its non-predatory behavior. Rather than tearing through meaty flesh of prey like many sharks, this fish, with its broad,...

2007-06-13 17:12:59

ATLANTA -- Georgia Aquarium officials say it may be months before they know what caused Wednesday's death of another whale shark, the second this year at the only facility outside Asia that displays the huge, rare fish. Norton's death also came only a few weeks after two new whale sharks arrived at the aquarium from Taiwan. At the time, Taiwan fishery officials had said they were satisfied the aquarium provided the quality care the young whale sharks - named Yushan, which means "Jade...

2007-01-12 09:47:44

ATLANTA (AP) - A prized whale shark at the world's largest aquarium died Thursday night, the second death of a popular animal at the center in 10 days. Ralph, one of four whale sharks in the only such exhibit outside Asia, arrived at the Georgia Aquarium in June 2005 from Taiwan, where he had been destined to become seafood. The cause of death was not immediately determined. "Recently, he has not been eating well and has had some unusual swimming patterns," aquarium spokeswoman Donna...

2006-06-05 16:01:05

ATLANTA - The world's largest aquarium has added two of the world's largest fish. Two female whale sharks - Alice and Trixie - went on display Sunday after arriving the night before at the Georgia Aquarium. They joined two male whale sharks, Ralph and Norton, in their 6 million-gallon tank. The four sharks are the only ones of their kind on display outside of Asia. The females were flown more than 8,000 miles from Taipei, Taiwan. They received a police escort from Hartsfield-Jackson...

2005-10-06 17:40:00

Computer software developed by astrophysicists to locate stars and galaxies in the night sky could help save the whale shark - whose spotted skin is like a starry sky - from extinction, according to new research published in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Applied Ecology. Together with Australian marine biologist Brad Norman and JAVA programmer and software specialist Jason Holmberg, astrophysicist Dr Zaven Arzoumanian of the Universities Space Research Association and NASA's...

2005-07-21 18:26:21

Basking sharks are much more canny predators than previously thought, ecologists have discovered. According to new research published online by the British Ecological Society's Journal of Animal Ecology, basking sharks are able to reverse their normal pattern of diving at dawn and surfacing at dusk in order to foil the attempts of zooplankton trying to evade capture. As well as shedding new light on basking behaviour, the results have important implications for the conservation of shark...

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2007-03-19 15:01:39

The Basking shark, Cetorhinus maximus, is the second largest fish after the whale shark. The basking shark is a cosmopolitan species - it is found in all the world's temperate oceans. It is a slow moving and generally harmless filter feeder. Like other large sharks, basking sharks are at risk of extinction due to a combination of low resilience and overfishing through increasing demands for the sharks' fins, flesh and organs. Taxonomy This shark is called the basking shark because it...

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